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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

TheRealNews: Socialists Sweep Venezuelan State Elections as President Chavez Recovers in Cuba

Its easy to win elections for the Chavez Socialists in Venezuela when the Chavez Administration prevents. The Liberal Democratic opposition from getting their message out to the people and being the real opposition. To the Socialists Statists who I see as at least borderline Communists in Venezuela rather then Democratic Socialists. Thats common in Europe, had these elections been fair and Democratic, the Democrats would've done much better in Venezuela. And Hugo Chavez might of lost his Presidency and the Socialists might of lost control of the Assembly.

AlterNet: Thom Hartmann: "Why Do We Get Riled Up About Gun Rights, and Not Rights to Healthcare and Education?": What The Right to Life Should Mean

Why Do We Get Riled Up About Gun Rights, and Not Rights to Health Care and Education? | Alternet

If you want to know what my position on gun control is as a Liberal, I would tell you honestly its complicated. Because I believe the state meaning government whatever the level is and especially the Federal Government's. Number one role is to protect its innocent citizens not from themselves but from people who would do innocent people harm. But at the same time as a Liberal who values individual freedom for people who wouldn't hurt innocent people. Over anything else, our lives are our responsibility as long as we pay for the consequences of our own decisions. And we are not hurting innocent people with what we are doing, thats a classically Liberal idea, might sound Libertarian. But its actually a Liberal idea and since I do believe that, I'm a little reluctant even as a Democrat to give the. State more power over the people but at the same time I recognize the state's responsibility to protect the innocent. From those who would do us harm, so what we need is balance that protects individual freedom as well as gives. The state the resources to protect the innocent.

As a Liberal I do believe in the second amendment, always have and always will and will always defend it from. Statists that would seek to repeal it or to place intrusive restrictions on it but like the first amendment, the second amendment. Is subjected to regulation, we don't have a first amendments right to libel people or yell fire in a crowded room. Or threaten to harm or kill people and we don't have a second amendment right to murder people and irresponsible. People meaning career criminals who represent a physical threat to innocent peoples safety in the country. At least as far as I'm concern don't have a second amendment right to own firearms in this country and I just wrote. A blog last week arguing that one of the roles of organize labor is to protect the jobs of good workers. And see that they are compensated for the work that they do and no less or more, well I believe one of the roles. Of the National Rifle Association is to protect the second amendment right of responsible gun owners. But not for criminals or mentally handicapped people who have no business owning firearms.

Look if I had my way I would treat firearms in America like we treat automobiles and that all gun owners. Would have to be licensed to own, purchase or use a firearm and that the states would run this licensing. Like they regulate automobiles or marriage and this would be financed by the people who use firearms and that. Mentally handicapped people or career criminals or people under twenty one wouldn't be eligible to use, possess or purchase. A firearm in this country but as long as Republicans control at least one half of Congress, we aren't going to be able. To pass a law like that in this country so what we need to do are things short of that can past both chambers of Congress. And get signed by the President into law that would get the job done and that means things like mandatory security. At all public schools, funding mental healthcare in America and things like background checks for all gun purchases.

The right to life for me at least means that all Americans have the right to chart their own course in life and. Be able to make out of it what they put into life until they give up that right by taking an innocent person's life. And as long as we have all of these innocent people dying due to gun violence, we have too many Americans. Who are losing the right to life and we need to take steps to prevent Americans in the future from losing the most. Precious life that we have in this country.