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Friday, September 23, 2011

Show & Tell: "Death Penalty, Barbaric?'": My Position on the Death Penalty

Before I get into my position on the Death Penalty I just want to lay out as one of mayby five people who haven't followed the Troy Davis case. All right maybe ten people in the country, the Far Left has been all over this story, I absolutely have no idea whether Mr Davis is guilty of the murder he was convicted of. And he's not the reason why I'm writing this blog but I will admit, that without this story I wouldn't be writing this blog at this time. This is not an issue I think that much about except when I'm watching True Crime shows and thats the only time. And I've basically has the same position on the Death Penalty since my late teen early 20s, I have moderated it a little bit. Its really the Tim McVeigh Oklahoma case of the mid and late 1990s. Where I started thinking about this case and I've moderated my position a little bit. But how should someone approach the Death Penalty when deciding what their position should be. I believe you should look at it from a perspective of when do individuals and government. Have the right to take Human Life and if your looking at consistency and don't want to be hypocritical. Your position on the Death Penalty should be the same as your position on abortion. But they don't have to be as well and as long as you can justify your positions why not. Besides you don't even have to justify your positions and let people view you as hypocritical.

The Catholic Church is about as consistent of an organization that I've ever seen on these issues. They are Pro Life and they means it, they don't believe that either government or individuals have a right to take Human Life. Except in when Self Defense is at risk right away, meaning when someone is under attacked. Not meaning that you can kill someone because you believe your life may be in danger later on but right away. Making them Pro Life on the Death Penalty and abortion, meaning they are anti Death Penalty and anti Abortion Rights. And I respect their positions for their consistency and how they approach both issues. Some libertarians tend to be anti Death Penalty and anti Abortion Rights. They believe that everyone has a right to liberty and Human Life etc but a lot more libertarians as well as socialists and some liberals, are anti Death Penalty but Pro Choice on Abortion. Making them inconsistent as well as hypocritical in my view on those issues. Because they are apparently find with killing a fetus a potential person later on. But have a problem with killing a murderer who knows they murdered the person they are accused of and if anything proud of it. And perhaps murdered several people and enjoyed that and I'm thinking of Ted Bundy to use as an example.

People on the Religious Right tend to be be Pro Life on abortion and go out of their way to claim that they are Pro Life to the extent. Of saying that abortion is murder and the Far Right even murdering Abortion Doctors. But are Pro Death Penalty and apparently don't have a problem killing people even though they claim they are Pro Life. Who probably murdered the person or people they are accused of murdering. But they don't know for sure and person accused claims their innocence until the moment they die. So what they are really saying is that they are Pro Innocent Life. Which would be a tougher position to sell and harder to work politically. I have a problem with people who say they are Pro Choice on abortion. Because protecting privacy is more important then potential Human Life, even babies that are in 8-9 months of the pregnancy. Which is what's called Late Term Abortion but have no problem giving the Death Penalty to a murderer, again lets use Ted Bundy or how about John Wayne Gacy. Who were both Serial Murderers and knew what they did.

Like I said consistency to me is very important anytime your talking about life, Death Penalty, abortion, any of those issues. And so is mine and I'll lay it out and why. I'm 98-99% Pro Choice on abortion as well as a lot of other issues, my only exceptions would be. I'm against Tax Payer Funding of abortion except to save the life or health of the mother. And I'm against Late Term Abortion Rights again except for the life and health of the mother. Because I believe the Right to Privacy is critical and can't be messed with and Healthcare is an excellent example of this. Once you give government permission to interfere with peoples Healthcare and I'm talking about competent people here. Then you empower government to infringe on our other Constitutional Rights as well, it would be a Slippery Slope.

Now after reading most of this blog and just seeing my position on abortion, you probably already know my position on the Death Penalty as well. But just to make it official, I'm Pro Death Penalty for any Convicted Murderer where we know that the person committed that crime. Where they know they did it and if anything proud of what they did and maybe asking for the Death Penalty as well. As long as they are twenty one or over and are competent, they know what they did and what they were doing at the time of the crime. For any other Convicted Murderer where its a case that they mostly likely did or probably did it. Or are under twenty one or incompetent at the time. Give those people Life Without Parole so they'll never have an opportunity to murder someone again at least on the outside. And let murderers who confesses and are truly sorry for what they did. Or gives information about additional crimes Life Without Parole as well.

I realize I could've explained my position of the Death Penalty in one paragraph and saved you some reading. But I don't believe that would be much of a read or a blog. And being as important and divisive as an issue as it it, its something that deserves further explanation and reasoning. Its not an issue that should be taken lightly.

Click on the link of the blog to see a video from Russia Today on Death Penalty and see the opposite position