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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Opinion divided over Palestinian Statehood Bid: What a Two State Solution could look like

The Israeli-Palestinian area is an area thats basically divided into two different races of peoples as well as religions. That could never function as one country together, which is why Palestine has basically become an Independent Territory of Israel. Similar to how Puerto Rico is a territory of America, where a significant number of Puerto Ricans. A lot of them decedents of Spain consider Puerto Rico a country, a lot of Palestinians consider Palestine a country. Even though its not currently but moving in that direction hopefully for them as well as Israel as far as I'm concern. Its in Israel's interest as former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Israel Shimon Peres once said. That Israel a tiny country, about the size of Delaware physically and with a population of only 7M people. Less then New York City and Israel is a country. That Palestine become completely independent of Israel. And for them to govern their own affairs but of course under certain conditions. So Israel wouldn't have any need to occupy another country and could just worry about the affairs of Israel and not the aide of another country as well. But only under certain conditions. That they have a Peace Treaty similar to what Israel has with Egypt, that Palestine would crackdown on terrorists in Palestine and Israel does the same thing in Israel. Terrorists that represent threats to both countries and that both countries aren't a threat to each other. And have Diplomatic and Trade Relations with each other as well. That neither country sponsors terrorists and they work together to defeat terrorism, that they become partners in the War on Terror. That they both recognize the right for the other to exist as well.

Palestine at this point is not ready to become an Independent Country, they don't have the ability to defend themselves and meet these conditions. They don't have the military or Law Enforcement capabilities to do these things. And they don't have a Federal Government thats responsible for governing the whole country. Palestine is split up between West Bank and Gaza, two different territory's. West Bank being governed by what I would call the adults in the room meaning the Fatah Party with their Leader President Mahmoud Abbas. And Gaza being governed by basically a Terrorist Organization thats trying to establish an Islamic State in Gaza and Palestine as a whole. And is attempting to eliminate Israel off of the map to form a Greater Palestinian Islamic Republic. So for there to be any Independent Palestinian State, I believe Hamas has to be out of the picture. Or at least reformed in a way where they are just a Political Party and they disarm. What should've been a long time ago in Ireland with Irish Republic Army. And then Israel and Palestine would have to figure how they are going to link West Bank with Gaza, into one United Palestinian State. For that to happen, Israel would have to give up additional land in South Israel to make this happen.

Its in both Israel and Palestine's interest for their to be an Independent Palestinian State that can govern and defend itself in a responsible way. Where both countries aren't threats to the other but for that to happen they have to work together. And get Hamas out of the way so they can no longer be a destructive force in the Peace Process.

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