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Sunday, August 28, 2011

"Bye-bye Gaddafi, welcome Al-Qaeda?": The need to secure Libya

Knocking the Gaddafi Regime out of power in Libya is great but Libya still needs a National Government. as well as Provincial and Local Governments. To govern this very large country as well as defend it from Foreign Invaders and Gaddafi Fighters. And that will be the main issue that the Libyan Transitional National Council, essentially Libya's interim Federal Government will have to manage. As they work to form a long term government both from an interim basis and then once the Libyan People writes a National Constitution and forms its own form of government. A Democratic Government to govern the country thats respectful of Human Rights. But of course the TNC is only made up of, I don't maybe 50K people and a lot of their members are the Libyan Rebels themselves. That successfully fought to knock Moammar Gaddafi and his regime out of power. The Gaddafi Military was 100K people that the new Libyan Government is going to have to rebuild and have a military that size or bigger. And the entire Gaddafi Regime was maybe 500K people, so the TNC has a lot of work ahead of it without the manpower to do it on their own. And to be able to govern the country in the short term and then later long term. They are going to need international help to accomplish this. And this is where the Arab League especially Egypt can play a big role, with security and then later forming a long term government in Libya. And this is where NATO and the European Union, United Nations, perhaps even the African Union and to a smaller extent the United States can step in and play a positive role.

The number one thing that Libya needs and this of course is coming from an Western Outsider, is security and stability. One of the biggest mistakes that happened in Iraq during the Iraq War, was that they moved to National Elections and forming the new government and constitution. Before security and stability were established in this big country of 25M people at the time, plus the fact that the United States didn't have enough forces to secure the country. And they moved to eliminate the Hussein Regime and its Armed Forces and Security Forces, without having anything to replace it. Which left Iraq wide open for attacks both domestic and foreign and became a country that didn't have any Al-Qaeda members pre 2003 Iraq War. To a country with perhaps the largest Al-Qaeda membership during that Iraq War. As well as all of the different Ethnic and Tribal Groups as well as Religious Groups that hated the Hussein Regime. That wanted their revenge against them.

So what Libya is going to need is security as well as respect for Human Rights and to move past the Gaddafi Regime and stability. As they work to write a National Constitution and form a more lasting National Government. That can govern and secure Libya in a responsible way that the Libyan People and International Community can respect.

Click on the link of the blog to see a video from Russia Today not very objective on Libya