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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"MSM CA Prison Hunger Strike": The need to Reform Solitary Confinement

The California Prison Hunger Strike to me shows the need for Prison Reform. And I'm going to focus on a certain type of Prison Reform in this post. In how we deal with our Violent Offenders and not going to push for a policy. That goes from "put them away and throw away the key". To an approach that doesn't even put Violent Offenders away but slaps them on the hand, a light slap at that. And hopes they don't do it again, which would be going from one extreme to another. But more of an approach that acknowledges the need for Solitary Confinement and unfortunately we do need it. But that the fact that these Iso Inmates are still Prison Inmates and they are still humans as well. And deserve to be treated with Human Rights as well as they serve their time in iso. Before they are ready to go back to General Population. That gives these inmates a solid shot of keeping their sanity, assuming they still have it. While they are in isolation before they are ready to return to General Population. That try's to help these inmates get their anger under control before they return to a more mainstream prison environment. And come up for Regular Review to review their status in isolation and what's expected from them. While they are in isolation, so they know what they have to do to leave isolation.

To move these inmates back to serving their time in a productive way, going to school, getting a job. Taking visits from friends and family, doing Community Service etc. And that gets to things like allowing Iso Inmates certain things while they are in iso. Like Reading and Writing Material, music, limited TV even, better and more food. Daily showers, a few more hours out of their cells for the Iso Inmates that make improvement. And of course Professional Counseling to help these inmates get their anger under control. So they don't feel the need or want to attack other inmates or staff. As well as more motivation to get themselves out of isolation, like not being allowed to finish their Prison Sentences in isolation. Meaning not allowing Isolation Inmates to be released from prison while they are in isolation. And especially not be paroled out of isolation, meaning once they are put into isolation. That their Prison Sentence would freeze and once they are released from isolation. And back in General Population, then the time off from their Prison Sentence would start being reduced. Another words for whatever time inmates serve in isolation, that time would added to their Prison Sentence. And all inmates would be made aware of this once they enter prison.

The fact is prisons have to have Solitary Confinement for the safety of inmates and staff so they aren't under constant attack. Otherwise prisons would be impossible to run, because inmates and staff would always be under attack. But again these people are still humans and deserve to be treated as such.

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