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Thursday, October 25, 2012

RT-America: Hosts Third-Party Presidential Debate on Foreign Policy

I'm not trying to take credit for this but I did suggest in at least a couple of blogs the last few. Weeks that networks should be hosting President Debates made up of the third party candidates , because we do need more choice in this huge country of 320M people. Thats as politically diverse as we are and are all over the political spectrum.

BraveNewFoundation: Beyond Bars

I like this approach because rehabilitation is sorta like learning a different language, the earlier. In life you do that, the easier it will be and once someone is already part of the Criminal Justice System, its hard to get them out and prevent them from going back in. But if you can prevent so called Risk at Youth from going into the Criminal Justice System, through what's called. Crime Prevention which targets Risk at Youth, making sure they are getting the education that they need, with things like extra tutoring that they may need or after school programs, again so. They can get extra help, supporting their parents so they can do the best job possible in raising their own kids, helping them get a job or a better job through Job Training, so they don't have. To live in high crime neighborhoods with high poverty, we can prevent Risk at Youth from having to go into the Criminal Justice System in the first place.

CBPP: Policy Basics: Where Do Our Federal Tax Dollars Go?

Our Federal Tax Revenue goes to pay for defense, entitlements and payments to on our national debt. Thats what most of the Federal Budget funds, with money left over to cover things like education, agriculture assistance, environmental protection and other programs.