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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Daily Beast: Michelle Goldberg: "Rep. Todd Akin's Views on Abortion are bad; the GOP Platform is Worse": The Un Conservative GOP

I'm always amused by a party thats viewed Big Government as the problem for the last forty years or so. Every time that they are in power or are competing for the opportunity to get into power, like at a National Convention. Goes out of their way to promote Big Government and make Americans less freer, a you can see with who are their major Presidential Candidates, the fact that Rick Santorum who finished. 2nd in the GOP Presidential Nomination battle is all the evidence you need to know about that but the fact that Michelle Bachmann who said that pornography and Same Sex Marriage are threats to National Security. Or that so many Republicans wanted Sarah Palin one of the Generals in the Culture War for the right, to run for President in 2012. The fact that someone like Ron Paul who actually believes in what Republicans claim to stand for, Limited Government, Individual Freedom and Responsibility but can't go anywhere in the polls. Or even win a Republican Primary, because he actually believes in those things and doesn't support things like Constitutional Amendments to ban pornography or Same Sex Marriage, that he actually believes in Federalism and doesn't just say he does.

The Republican Party has now become the party of Limited Government and Individual Freedom and Responsibility. Just not for the people, for everyone else we have to live our lives the way Neoconservatives want us to, which means 80-85% of the country that actually believes in Individual Freedom. Has to live our lives like the other 15-20%, the ultimate minority ruling over the majority. The fact that the GOP is nominating Mitt Romney for President, doesn't tell me they believe in whatever Mitt believes him, because they don't know what Mitt believes in. Mitt might not even know what he believes in, the fact that they are nominating him, doesn't tell me that they want to go back to being a real Conservative Party. Thats even more Libertarian then anything else but that the GOP Establishment wants to win and they believe that Mitt. Has the best opportunity to do that out of a very weak field to choose from.

And all you have to do to know this is to look at all the new restrictions on our current freedoms. That the GOP wants to put on Americans in the next Congress, from abortion to homosexuality to pornography to voting to immigration, doesn't mean that Mitt Romney agrees with all of it. But that the party that he's going to have to try to lead in the late summer and fall. A party that more to the right then Mitt couldn't ever dream of flip flopping on enough positions to be that far right in the future.

AlterNet: Health Care Disaster: Why Drug Dealers Are Competing with Doctors to Help Addicts

Health Care Disaster: Why Drug Dealers Are Competing with Doctors to Help Addicts | Alternet

You can blame this on the War on Drugs

Election Wall: ABC Evening News: George McGovern and Ed Muskie 1972 Presidential Election

Election Wall: ABC Evening News: George McGovern and Ed Muskie 1972 Presidential Election

The Democrats didn't have anyone who could beat Richard Nixon in 1972. They also didn't have a united party that could do that as well. One of the reasons why Senator George McGovern as leader of the party for that fall campaign reformed the rules for how delegates were assigned at conventions was to bring in more Americans to the party. The party was transitioning from a Southern based party with Northeastern ties to a party that by the 1980s was heavily dependent on the Northeast and West Coast to win. As well as big cities in the Midwest. Because Senator McGovern brought in African-Americans, Latinos, Jews and Asians to the party from these big cities in the country.

George McGovern whatever you think of his politics was a very bright man. And served South Dakota very well in Congress both in the House and later in the Senate. And I'm sure at the very least knew that even if he did win the Democratic nomination for president he had not an uphill  battle against President Nixon in the fall. But more like a swimmer trying to swim upstream with one arm, one leg and one eye. But what he did in 1972 as far as changing the voting rules in the party paid off really well for Democrats in 1976 with Jimmy Carter. And perhaps helped Democrats hold onto the House of Representatives for another 22 years after 72 with all of the new voters that came to the party. But 1972 was not a year that Democrats were prepared to win back the presidency. They were in transition and way too divided.