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Monday, July 11, 2011

Michael Moore Talks About Socialism: Speaking against something you benefit from

I find it ironic that someone who speaks out against American Capitalism and perhaps capitalism in general. Which is what Filmmaker/Comedian Michael Moore does, a man who I have lets limited respect for. He's not a government filmmaker or a government or a government comedian or a government actor. He's a Private Citizen who's had all of his Professional Success in life in the Private Sector. And yet he claims to be either a Classical Socialist or a Democratic Socialist and if America were to give up on capitalism and move to a Classical Socialist economy. Meaning the State owns the Means of Production in Society, Mr Moore would no longer be a Private Filmmaker working for himself, he would be working for the Federal Government. He's not a dumb guy and rather intelligent actually but a lot of his facts are just wrong. Like when he says that America should move our economy towards France, because their services are all free. Like Health Care, Health Insurance, Education, Transportation, Pension etc. He's simply dead wrong, none of those services are free, the french either pay for them in taxes from the Federal Government there or pay for them in fees in the Private Sector. Apparently Michael Moore never saw or read Milton Friedman's lecture about there's no such thing as a Free Lunch. We all pay for what we get or somebody pays for it for us. Mr Moore is also wrong about the French Health Insurance and their Health Care System in general. They don't have a Single Payer Health Care System that he would like to see in America. They have a Public-Private Health Care System that includes both their Health Care and Health Insurance. I don't believe Mr Moore is a Classical Socialist for selfish reasons, I don't believe he would want the Federal Government being able to censor his movies for example, can't blame him for that.

I see Michael Moore as a Democratic Socialist, someone who believes that government especially the Federal Government should play a big role in providing services for people in society. Health Care, Health Insurance, Education, Pension, Transportation, Housing etc. Meaning the Welfare State, because he believes yes its the right thing to do. But also so he can continue to make his own Private Movies.

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