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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thom Hartmann on Barack Obama from 2009: Lays Down Truth about the President

As Thom Hartmann says in this interview, Barack Obama is not a "Movement Progressive". He wasn't a "Movement Progressive" when he ran for President in 2007-08, or when he was in the Senate. Barack Obama comes from the Bill Clinton-Jack Kennedy faction of the party. The actual Liberal Wing of the party which is different from the Progressive Socialist Wing of the party. That Dennis Kucinich, Ralph Nader if he was still a Democrat, the Progressive Caucus and others in the party. That want to make America like Europe, if thats what you want from a President. Then thats the type of Presidential Candidate you need to throw your support behind. You need to get behind Ralph Nader, Dennis Kucinich and others for President if thats what you want in a President. And put aside the fact that someone like that can't get elected President in America and just work as hard as you can to get that person elected President. Barack Obama has never said that he's part of the Progressive Movement, he was against the Iraq War. Like a lot of democrats but not because he believes that America should never go to war but because he believes the Iraq War was a "Stupid War". Which is different if Progressive Democrats were expecting President Obama to be a pacifist, then they must of been high. At one of their Hippie Camps or something.

You don't keep Bob Gates as your Secretary of Defense. And Jim Jones as your Director of National Security if your a pacifist, you appoint Dennis Kucinich or Ralph Nader, Ron Paul even to one of those jobs if thats who you are. Barack Obama when he ran for President knew the fastest way to get the Democratic Nomination. Was through getting Progressive Democrats and thats exactly what he did. Not to be like them just to get their support to win the Presidential Election but then as President. Because campaigning of course is different from governing, you govern based on what you believe in and what you believe you can get done. And hopefully you stay as close to what you campaign on but you do the job the best you can. And thats what I believe President Obama is doing right now with mixed results. As a Liberal Democrat who's to the left of the President on most if not all Social Issues but on Economic and Foreign Policy. I tend to agree with the President, on some of these other National Security issues where we tend to disagree. Like on the Patriot Act, Indefinite Detention and others.

Obama wasn't my first choice for President. I voted for him because he was the best available candidate at the time. My first choice Al Gore but he didn't run, 2nd choice Bill Ricahrdson but his campaign didn't go anywhere. And then I settled for Hillary Clinton, I thought he ran way too far to the left in the Democratic Primary's and was going to be the next George McGovern. But then he came back to the Adult Left and moved away from the Far Left in the General Election. If your dizzy now I understand but I wasn't expecting Barack Obama to be a God back then and have been proven right ever since.