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Friday, September 2, 2011

Buddy Roemer: "President without Special Interests Free to Lead": What is the GOP afraid of?

To start on a casual note, if you look at Buddy Roemer and Sen. Tom Coburn two men I respect a lot and I'm not saying this to put either of them down. And you know who both of them are, you seen and heard both of them, you are fairly familiar with both of them. You would think that they are a lot alike and perhaps even related and I believe would at least make a very interesting GOP Ticket in 2012. They both pretty much represent what the Republican Party used to be, Fiscally Conservative pro military but only use it in our National Interest. Pro Federalism, that the Federal Government should live within its means and within the US Constitution. Something they both believe that the Federal Government has moved away from. They both believe, I believe except for abortion, want americans to be able to live their own lives. They are both Classical Conservatives what used to dominate the Republican Party up until twenty years ago or so.

Thats why former GOV and Rep. from Louisiana Buddy Roemer and now private businessman and Republican Presidential Candidate. Can't get into the GOP Presidential Debates, because he's not a Religious Conservative or a Neoconservative that dominates the Republican Field right now. Except for Ron Paul, Gary Johnson and John Hunstman , to a certain extent Newt Gingrich who's apparently lost all of his political skills. Which is a shame because he used to be a great politician and I mean this in the nicest way possible. But he's apparently lost the ability to communicate without offending the Republican Establishment and communicate his ideas. But only Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann and Mitt Romney if you listen to the "Political Analysts". Have a credible shot at winning the Presidential Nomination. And then there's Mitt Romney who I call a Fair Weather Candidate, if it works politically he's for it. But you get rid of the entire of the entire Republican Field and just leave in Paul, Johnson, Huntsman and Roemner and perhaps throw in some more candidates like them. You have a hell of a Republican Field, because they would be liked economically and not scare Independent Voters on Social Issues.

Buddy Roemer represents what the Tea Party used to be before it merged with the Religious Right. When it started out, the Federal Government is too big, spends too much and they want it out of our lives. And just be there to protect us and when we need but not try to control how we live . And especially don't bail out people can company's that failed and hurt the people and laid them of because they don't know how to run a business. And of course I'm thinking of TARP on 2008, awarding bad behavior as they see it. They were anti Corporate Welfare that all company's should be able to succeed or fail on their own etc. But since the Religious Right still dominates the Republican Party and to a certain extent Neoconservatives still have influence there. The Dick Cheney's of the World, candidates like Buddy Roemer, Ron Paul, Gary Johnson and John Huntsman. Can't even except for Ron Paul, get enough respect to even be included in the Presidential Debates. But Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann are, because of who now runs the Republican Party today.

If this is 1988 or even 1992 and lets say democrats control the White House for a minute, Paul, Johnson, Huntsman and Roemer would all be considered the leading candidates to win the Republican Nomination. Because they would all fit in very well with what used to be a Classical Conservative Republican Party. Not a Religious or Neoconservative Republican Party.