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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wendy McElroy Defends Pornography for Women: Freedom of Choice

I take issues like pornography, alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, prostitution, gambling, Video Games, music, movies, abortion go down the line all of the Personal Choice Issues. In how I decide whether they should be legal or not. And if they are legal or illegal and under what conditions. I ask this basic simple question, would society be better off if we were freer or less freer and how we decide these issues. Should government step in and decide for the people themselves whether they can do these things or not. That would be the less freer approach and once they are given that power. They'll probably say no or should we allow Free People to make these decisions for themselves. That would be the free approach and if we go in that direction. One thing could be added to if you decide these activities should they be legal or not. Should they be Legal with Regulation acknowledging that we are better off having these activities be free because we live in a Free Society. And the costs of making these activities are too high to pay, because we know for a fact that these activities. Are going to happen anyway regardless, gambling, prostitution, marijuana are perfect examples of that. So knowing that these activities are going to happen anyway, should we make them legal. So then we can regulate them and make them as safe as possible, to limit the abuses in the system. Instead of locking away people for what they do with their own free time and haven't hurt anyone.

I always come down on the side as a liberal that people in a Liberal Democracy should have the right to live their own lives. As they see fit as long as they aren't hurting anyone else with their freedom. That you can gamble your own money if you choose to, smoke a joint if you choose to, pay for sex and company if you choose to. Accept money for sex if you choose to, have a drink, smoke tobacco if your choose to, Free Adults that is. As long as your not hurting other people with what your doing and you don't force people to do your activities. And then you regulate these activities to make them as safe as possible. Alcohol, tobacco, pornography are all perfect examples of this. Thats what Freedom of Choice is in a Liberal Democracy. And a big reason why I'm a Liberal Democrat, because I believe Free Adults should have the Individual Liberty to make these decisions for themselves. Thats what being a liberal is about the right for Free Adults to live their own lives as long as they are not hurting other with what they are doing. Freedom of Choice is not just about Economic Liberty, thats definitely a component to Freedom of Choice. But Social Liberty as well.

I would never smoke a joint, smoke tobacco, drink alcohol, sell myself for money, pay for sex, gamble my money other then the Stock Market and Business Ventures. And because of all these things and perhaps other reasons as well, you might see me as very lame. But that doesn't mean I'm capable of making those decisions or government is capable of making those decisions for other people. Thats what Freedom of Choice is about the Freedom to Choose or not to Choose thats the decisions of Free Adults. And its a good system to have.