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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sen. Bernie Sanders: "Huge Win For the Right Wing: Now the Socialist Left Response

This will be the fourth time I'll say this in two days but this is not a good deal that no one likes, that both the Far Right and Far Left dislike. But both sides got some things that they like. Here's the list, for democrats and liberals, and eighteen month extension in the Debt Ceiling but there's still a possibility of a Government Shutdown in November and December. Because the Federal Budget of course is still not done, that can be blamed on both the White House and Congress. Democrats and liberals also cut about a trillion over ten years in Defense Cuts, something we've been fighting for, for over four years now or since the start of the Bush Administration. And democrats and liberals were able to protect Entitlement Programs from drastic cuts. What did republicans and conservatives get, 2T$ in Budget Cuts and cutting more then the Federal Government will be allowed to borrow with the Debt Ceiling. And they were able to keep Tax Hikes out of the Debt Deal including cutting Tax Loopholes and Corporate Welfare. And both sides get to be able to negotiate Tax and Entitlement Reform in Round Two of Deficit Reduction, which both sides want. That includes cutting expensive Tax Loopholes and cutting Corporate Welfare, they'll be on the table.

What the Socialist Left in the Democratic Party America as well as apparently Sen. Bernie Sanders who generally understands these things well. And doesn't take a "my way or the highway approach" to legislating, is that thanks to the 2010 Mid Term Elections. Where a certain group of voters didn't even bother to vote and left the Democratic Party shorthanded going up against a United Republican Party. And even with all of that, we held on to the Senate, is that we now have Divided Government and this is what it looks like. This is what happens when you put the Far Right in America in charged of the House Representatives. Where the Speaker who's generally a responsible adult but is now scared as hell of the Far Right. Because he doesn't want to lose his job, which means he's willing to go to the mat for them, even if that means risk sending the United States Government in default. Which is what happened here, the President and the Senate Leader had to give the Senate Minority Leader and the House Speaker a lot of what they were asking. Or the House would've never passed anything that would pass the Senate or get signed by the President. And the Senate Minority Leader with his 47 votes would've blocked anything that Senate Democrats would've tried to pass on their own that the President would've wanted.

If Democratic Socialists in America want more of their policy's in place and get to sit with the adults at dinner time. Instead of sitting at the Kiddy Table, then they are going to have to get more members elected to Congress including in the Senate where they only have a few out of 100 Senators. And get more members elected Statewide, this is something the Far Right has already done with people in the Tea Party and now Theocratic Tea Party with Michelle Bachmann and others. Otherwise the Democratic Leadership is going to continue to take the attitude. What can we pass without the Progressive Caucus if we need to. Thats how liberals treat the Progressive Caucus today and for a long time.

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