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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

AlterNet: Bruce Bartlett: On the GOP's Close Mindedness When it Comes to Tax Hikes To Finance Deficit Reduction

Former Conservative: Right-Wing 'Stupidity and Closed-Mindedness' Will Doom the GOP | Alternet

The AlterNet has a different spin about Bruce Bartlett who did work for two of the most prominent Conservative/Libertarians. That ever served in the Federal Government, President Ron Reagan and Representative Ron Paul, basically suggesting that Mr. Bartlett is a former Conservative. Which couldn't be further from the truth as least as it relates to economic and fiscal policy, what Bruce Bartlett is and. Perhaps what the AlterNet and other Social Democrats don't understand about Conservatism, at least as how they critique Conservatism. Mr. Bartlett is the real thing when it comes to Conservatism, nobody whose a real Conservative likes to raise taxes on anyone. But there are times when you have to do things you normally wouldn't do, especially when you are in a crisis or about to face a crisis. Like the so called fiscal cliff with all of the automatic across the board budget and spending cuts that would occur if the situation is not dealt. With, thats what fiscal Conservatives like Senator Tom Coburn and economist Bruce Bartlett understand.

Crisis's tend to make people do things they normally wouldn't do, thats the nature of a crisis the situation is so. Bad that we have to take steps we normally wouldn't do to avoid the crisis or prevent a crisis from happening all together. When then Vice President Bush made the read my lips speech about no knew taxes in 1988, he probably didn't have the information. That he had by 1990 as it related to the national debt and deficit and knew that he not only had to make serious cuts in the Federal budget. But needed new revenue to fix the debt and deficit, otherwise he and Congress would've had to make severe budget cuts. That could've weaken our national security or entitlements that millions of Americans now rely on, thats what. Bruce Bartlett has figured out, not that he's now in love with tax hikes and Democratic Socialism but that tax hikes. On the wealthy are better then the other alternatives.

Fiscal Conservatism is about government paying its bills and not borrowing to pay for everything and only. Borrowing when there aren't any other alternatives and to limit the size of government, as well as cutting it. To pay down debt and deficit but to also conserve individual freedom, Bruce Bartlett hasn't reached some new vision. That Tax and Spend Economics is now the way to go but that tax hikes to help finance deficit reduction is a necessary evil put the United States on a healthy fiscal course.