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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Fighting Back Against Stop-and-Frisk": Big Government Running Wild in the Nanny City of New York

New York is a great city and in a lot of ways a great place to visit and see and in a lot of respects a very well managed big city. But there are many reasons why I wouldn't live there and what's happened there the last few weeks, just has added on to that. The taxes are too high, the weather is too cold, the winters are too long, well except for maybe this year, I doubt Washington wasn't the only city not to experience winter. There are too many people living there in such a small area, millions of people living within a few miles of each other, breathing must be a real challenge. Which is why so many New Yorkers take cabs, where would they park and who wants to spend two hours going two miles or spend a couple thousand dollars or more each month, paying for a parking spot. But hey I'm not taking anything away from New York, still a great place to visit, just as long as I can get out of the city and go back home. And I'm only about a four drive from it or a thirty minute flight from NYC from Washington, so very doable. But the last few weeks New York that I now call the Nanny City, has gone even farther and even expanded Big Government even more and this time not even by a Democrat or a Republican, an Independent Progressive.

Two or three weeks ago New York under Mayor Mike Bloomberg passes a soda ban, essentially outlawing sodas of certain sizes. Apparently unaware of how resourceful New Yorkers are and that they can go to North Jersey or Long Island and by their sodas there and perhaps pay less in taxes there. This is about the ultimate government knows best in how people should live their own lives, to the point we'll penalize them if they don't live their lives the way we want them to. Its gets worse, this is nothing new but NYC has expanded what's called Stop and Frisk, stopping people in the streets who they may feel are under the possession or influence of marijuana. Not even the US Justice Department has taken their anti marijuana policy to this extreme, that they would stop and frisk people who they feel might be possessing marijuana, without a warrant. And then arresting them for if they are found in possession or under the influence of marijuana.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel who's certainly no wide eye Liberal or Libertarian, who of course was President Obama's Chief of Staff. Has announced that Chicago is going to decriminalize small possessions of marijuana and stop arresting people for this possession, this is basically a step towards decriminalizing marijuana all together for adults. So is medical marijuana and is something that the Nanny City of New York should look into and consider, because they could end up saving millions and billions of dollars a year. And direct those resources to, I don't schools, hospitals, roads, Tax Cuts, things they claim they don't have the money for.