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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sen. Sanders: Congratulations Sen. Coburn!: Two Different World Views

Sen. Tom Coburn is not as far to the right as people can get or he would be Member of Congress who no one in Congress would be able to work with other then the Far Right. The Senate or House but he's as Fiscally Conservative as they come in the sense that he believes that the Federal Government should pay its bills and only pay for things that it should be doing and cut back on things that he believes we shouldn't be doing. Which I believe would qualify as Common Sense to most sane people. Sen. Bernie Sanders isn't as far to the left as people can get but there isn't much room on the left to be to the left of him. He is an admitted Democratic Socialist for crying out loud and proud of it. And believes in the Welfare State and collectivism and that government, especially the Federal Government should play a big role in looking after the welfare of the people. And that Private Enterprise, even though I don't believe Sen. Sanders believes in nationalizing most industry's. Can't be trusted to look after people and that the Federal Government should step in and provide a lot of these services. Everything from education, Health Care, Health Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, transportation, energy and there's probably a lot more. So when your comparing a Conservative Senator like Tom Coburn who believes in Limited Government and there's a limit to what government especially the Federal Government should be doing and a big believer in Free Enterprise and Free Markets and is actually against Corporate Welfare and those Tax Loopholes. With a Democratic Socialist Senator like Bernie Sanders, two men who I don't tend to agree with a lot on but two men who I have a lot of respect for. And a big reason is for their honesty and they are talking about big issues like Deficit Reduction. Both Senators have admitted that Deficit Reduction has to be done for the good of the economy, your going to see much different approaches in how to accomplish this. With Sen. Coburn who actually believes in Fiscal Responsibility and there's a limit to what the Federal Government should be doing. Including on defense, if you look at the Coburn Back in Black Deficit Reduction plan, you'll find major Defense Cuts in it. As well as closing Tax Loopholes and Entitlement Reform a Means Testing approach. With a approach from Sen. Sanders thats more centered around Defense Cuts, closing Tax Loopholes and Tax Hikes probably on everyone not just the wealthy.

Sen. Tom Coburn and Sen. Bernie Sanders both represent one thing thats right about the Federal Government, Congress and Washington. Because they represent their viewpoints and constituents as well as they can be represented because of their honesty. They say what they mean, what they believe and back up their views as well as they can be backed up.

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