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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

AlterNet: Via Mother Jones: Erika Eichelberger: Parts of The Safety Net That Are On The Table For Deficit Reduction: How to Reform and Save The Safety Net

12 Vital Social Programs That Might Be Vulnerable in a "Grand Bargain" Over the Debt | Alternet

Here's an example of where I wish people like Bill Clinton, this is going to sound crazy but Newt Gingrich, Bob Dole and Gary Johnson. Were part of these deficit reduction discussions to avoid the so called fiscal cliff and this might sound crazy coming from a Democrat. But here me out, there's a way to save the safety net indefinitely from being eliminated or reduced to the point where its meaningless. While at the same time making these programs affordable to the point where we would no longer have to worry. About the financing of them to the point of how would we finance them and having people like the men I just. Mentioned would make this possible, the closest we have in these discussions now, would be Representative Paul Ryan. Who I rarely agree with on anything but he's very solid when it comes to these government reform areas, don't like his Medicare plan. But his broader concept of government decentralization is sound, as well as Senator Tom Coburn another government reformer.

As a Liberal I'm a believer that I want public assistance to be so effective that it become obsolete, because of. All of the people it would help to the point that they are now self sufficient, no longer collecting public assistance checks. But instead collecting paychecks from employers they work for that pays them to the extent that they can pay their own bills. Thats what public assistance is about to me, not taking from the haves to give to government to take care of the have nots indefinitely. But empowering the people who don't have enough to be able to take care of themselves, just one of many differences I. Have as a Liberal with Progressive or Social Democrats who tend to believe that the purpose of public assistance and government. Is to take from the haves to give to government to take care of economically disadvantage indefinitely, not so much about empowering. These people to be able to take care of themselves.

Thats what public assistance should be about making it so effective that it become obsolete and no longer needed. Where we get to the point that people who are on public assistance, almost feel lonely on it, because most of the people around them. Are able to take care of themselves, because so many people who were once on it collecting any part of it, public housing even. Were empowered to get themselves a good job to be able to take care of themselves, things like job training and going back to school. We've already accomplished this with Welfare to Work from 1996, with a Liberal Democratic President and a. Conservative Republican Congress and we are probably headed in this direction with. Unemployment Insurance as well, something that President Obama is already in favor of doing and something he would. Get help from Congressional Republicans, both House and Senate to work with him on.

With the men I just mentioned and I would throw other Democrats like Erskine Bowles and Senator Joe Lieberman. Who I don't like on foreign policy and civil liberties but is strong in this area, to reach an agreement with the Republicans I've already mentioned. To come up with a plan that would fully fund all of these safety net programs, so they all have their own revenue sources. Then reform them in a way where they become so effective that they become obsolete and then block grant them to the states to run. And Progressive Democrats would no longer have to worry about these programs being eliminated, unless. They become obsolete because of how effective they now are.