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Monday, October 22, 2012

RTAmerica: The Big Picture: Big Picture Rumble: "Why Should CEOs Have More Free Speech Than Workers?"

Neither CEO's or labor should have more Free Speech under law then the others, we can't really eliminate. Corporate money from the political process, at least without a Constitutional Amendment and we probably can't eliminate labor money from the political process either, without a Constitutional Amendment. Unless we get some partisan Right Wing ruling from the US Supreme Court, where the decision is basically that corporations Free Speech is more valuable, because they have more. Money and with the way the Supreme Court is set up right now, thats possible but the way to combat either group from having too much power. Is one through Full Disclosure of all incumbents, candidates and third party groups, as well as Pay Check Stockholder Protection Acts, meaning that workers. And stockholders would no longer be forced to donate their contributions to political campaigns but we can't eliminate these groups from donating money, without a Constitutional Amendment.

The Daily Beast: Newsbeast: The Kings of Pot

People turning out to vote for marijuana legalization, should favor President Obama, even though the President. Doesn't officially support marijuana legalization himself but people who support this, tend to be young people who lean Democratic.

AlterNet: Steven Rosenfeld: "6 Things We Need To Do To Repair America's Crumbling Democracy"

6 Things We Need To Do To Repair America's Crumbling Democracy | Alternet

Let me guess, become more Socialist like Canada or Europe, take power away from corporations and special interest groups. That Progressives don't like, to put the power into the hands of SIG's that Progressives like and of course in the hands of the Federal Government, to of course to work on behalf of the. People who aren't wealthy, this would be a transfer of power from one side of the Political Spectrum, to the other side of the Political Spectrum, leaving most Americans out of the loop. And being left dependent on government, when people speak in favor Democracy, they need to know what form of Democracy. They are talking about because there are several forms, America is suppose to be a Liberal Democracy, where Americans are dependent on themselves and when we need help, we can go to each other. Our families, as well as Community Organizations, charities and other groups, when we can't make it on our own and then government can step in to help the people who can't get buy on their own or from Private Charity. But Liberal Democracy is not about being dependent on government or corporations.