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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Diplomats attend Syrian Activist's Vigil: Time to back the Syrian Rebels

Bashir Assad the President of Syria is at the point and has been at the point, that all he cares about is staying in power. And he doesn't have a limit at least yet on how many people he's willing to have killed in order to do that. And China and Russia have been no help if anything the opposite, in preventing the Mass Killings of people in Syria. Who are fed up with the Assad Regime and want a say in who represents them in government and how they live their lives. The Arab League has actually been pretty responsible here and this is an organization that usually backs Authoritarian Regimes in Arabia. The European Union and United States have been tough in their rhetoric against the Assad Regime. And have started Economic Sanctions against the Assad Regime but other then that haven't done much. To stop the Assad Regime murder its own people, an actual government murdering their own people. The Assad Regime is going to keep doing what they are doing. Until they put the Syrian Opposition down or as long as they feel they can get away with it, while still leaving them in power.

President Assad Calling for General Elections next year, are only designed to keep him in power. Which means to stop the Assad Regime from killing and locking up their own people. Just because they are fighting for their own liberty and want to move Syria forward as country and into the 21st Century. Which it could become, it doesn't have to be a Third World country. They are about the size of Iraq physically and in population but without the oil and Natural Gas. But they do have an Educated Class and a Middle Class that could build the Syrian Economy into something much bigger then they are. Similar to Israel but with three times the population and a lot more land. But they have to do this for themselves, the Assad Regime is just interested in staying in power. These Authoritarian Regimes in the Middle East are only interested in staying in power. They know they are outdated and their people want reform.

I don't believe the Syrian Rebels can take down the Assad Regime on their own, the Syrian Security Forces seem to be a lot more willing to kill their own people. Then the Mubarak Security Forces in Egypt and the Rebels are outmanned and under resourced. So they need help, from Turkey which would be a good start, the Arab League, Egypt, the European Union and United States. With Economic Sanctions to prevent resources from getting in an out for the Assad Regime. Calling for President Assad to to step down from power and if this isn't enough which worked in Egypt. Then arming the Syrian Rebels and giving them the resources they need to go up against the Assad Security Forces. And if all of that is not enough, a No Fly Zone from NATO over Syria to protect the Syrian Rebels.

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