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Monday, November 3, 2014

Mr. Dnice: Video: Frank Sinatra Interviewing Angie Dickinson: Two Oceans Eleven Cast Members Reunite

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Frank would’ve made an excellent talk show host with his sense of humor. His ability to sing obviously and all of the people he knew. Plus his intelligence and interests the ability to talk about multiple topics. But this interview with Angie Dickenson I bet was fairly easy for him. Except for perhaps trying to focus and pay attention to the interview and not just stare at Angie the whole time. Who just happens to be one of the top goddess's in Hollywood history. 

I bet this interview was easy for Mr. Blue Eyes, because he and Angie knew each other pretty well. They worked together to do the 1960 film Oceans Eleven. They were very friendly and had history together and gave them both an opportunity to talk about some of the better moments in both entertainer's career. And the time they spent together. I just wish I knew what show this was.