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Friday, November 30, 2012

The American Prospect: The Editors: A Strategic Plan for Liberals: The Way Forward For Classical Liberals

A Strategic Plan for Liberals

If your idea of Liberalism is the FDR New Deal, a Democratic Socialist model from the 1930s and you put a lot. Of faith into the state meaning the Federal Government to solve the nation's problems and even solve the nation's problems from the people themselves. With all of these Federal social programs to take care of the people and this is just how it relates to the economy and fiscal policy. Then you are not going to like this post very much or at least not agree with much in it, because thats not my idea of Liberalism. As a Liberal, it never has been, my idea of Liberalism is Liberalism itself the real thing, not Progressivism or. Democratic Socialism which isn't the same thing, Progressivism and Democratic Socialism, like trying to tell the difference between a couple of lemons just. By looking at them, if you want to call it classical Liberalism, find just keep in mind I'm not talking about Libertarianism either.

The future of American Liberalism is very good, as long as we are talking about Liberalism, Liberalism is the. Perfect alternative to Conservatism or Libertarianism and we are the big brother or big sister of Progressivism. Because we both are on the left and compete with each other for power in the Democratic party, which is the Liberal Democratic party in America. We are the major Leftist party in America and really have had that role at least since the 1930s but we are not a Social Democratic party. But a party that has Social Democrats in it, with Liberals in charge but with Social Democrats representing an alternative. Especially for more Progressive sections of the country that would probably prefer to be in the Green party. Or Democratic Socialist party ideologically but remain Democratic to have a voice in a major leftist party.

What makes the DP Liberal is that we are about the people and we are about protecting individual freedom but. For everyone rather then centralizing power in Big Government or in Big Business, how do we make sure. That everyone in the country has individual freedom, not just the wealthy or Big Business but for everyone. How do we make economic Liberalism and social Liberalism work for everyone and empower people who don't have these freedoms. Work for them rather then how do we empower the state to take care of them and run their lives, these are the values that we are about. And thats really it and I could get into foreign policy but our foreign policy and national security are about the. Same thing, how do we protect American freedom for Americans and empower others around the World. To get their freedom as well.

Remember Social Democrats had their run in the 1930s, 40s, 50s even with a Conservative Republican like Dwight Eisenhower. Not try to roll back the safety net and then the 1960s as well and that changed especially in the 1970s, when Progressivism. With the high taxes and Big Government that comes with it, started losing popularity and then of course Ron Reagan being elected President. With a Republican Senate in 1980, Conservatives finally not only figured out how to combat Progressivism but how to win. Elections and get into power as well, Democrats finally getting tired of losing to Conservative Republicans. Got the message that Progressivism and Big Government economics were no longer a winning formula and fought back. Not by moving to the middle but moving away from Progressivism and getting back to Liberalism of Jack Kennedy and nominated Bill Clinton for President.

I feel very good about the future of the Democratic party and for Liberal Democrats and believe we are in position. Today to be a long term governing party, especially as the Republican party has become so Statist on social issues. And why do I say this, is because as we are becoming younger as a country, we are becoming more Liberal-Libertarian as a country. Young people are becoming business owners and managers and are very Liberal at least on social issues and they don't like. Big Government in their wallets either and if you look at where Democrats are today at least the leadership, neither do we. You don't see Democratic Leaders looking to expand the new or great society or the Federal Government. At all, which is what Progressives don't like about us, which puts in excellent position to lead the country. In the future.