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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Will President Obama Legalize Marijuana If He Wins Reelection?: Reformers vs the Establishment

I know I've blogged about this before but I didn't vote for Barack Obama for President in the 2008 Maryland Primary. And I didn't vote for him in the Presidential Election, because I saw him as some God that would save the country, unlike some Progressives have seen him. Again in the Democratic Primaries he looked too far to the left for me and looked like some type of Democratic Socialist or something, with only Dennis Kucinich being to the left of him. I voted for Sen. Obama for President in 2008, over Sen. John McCain, because I saw his as the better candidate. Even though I respect Sen. McCain and still do, Barack Obama better represents my politics then John McCain, I'm a Liberal Democrat after all and even though Barack Obama is at best a Moderate Liberal. And this is worth debating, I still take that over a Conservative Republican, whether its John McCain or anyone else. As well as I thought that Barack was better suited to deal with the economic issues, we were just starting to face then Sen. McCain and if you look at Sen. McCain's speeches and so fourth in Congress ever since. I still believe that.

I give you this background just to tell you that I thought I had a pretty good idea in what I was getting in Barack Obama. And what type of President he would be, that he's not Franklin Rossevelt, which is fine with me, that he's more like Jack Kennedy or Bill Clinton. But not as strong and as bold, both President Kennedy and President Clinton made really tough decisions. And took clear stands as President and so did President Obama early on, especially with the economy. But he did not run for President to end the War on Drugs but to managed that war as best as he could and sees that through Law Enforcement for the most part or at least thats how he's governed. He did not run for President to throw out the Patriot Act or eliminate Indefinite Detention or put in Lobbying and Campaign Finance Reform but to operate in those systems as best as he can.

Barack Obama is someone who gives great speeches and can lay out what America is and how we need to improve it. But is not someone who's going to put down a vision or a plan in how to accomplish that and take bold stands but is someone who's going to work in the system, with the powers at be. To make the system work as well as he can make it, President Obama is an ultimate pragmatist or establishment figure, who's interested in reforming things, where he feels things need to be reformed. But is no crusader or reformer himself, if I vote for President Obama again in 2012, it will be because I would take him over Mitt Romney but not as an endorsement for Barack Obama.