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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Far Right Doesn't Get The Constitution: Con Job

I find it funny, well sad when, well funny and sad when so called Conservative Republicans speak in favor of the US Constitution and how much they believe and support it. When a lot of them don't even understand what they are talking in favor or misrepresent what they claim to be in favor of. There are conservatives who support and believe in the US Constitution, because they understand the Constitution for what it is and know what they are talking about. Back in the day and even today where the Republican Party of now is more of a Theocratic or Authoritarian Party. People who I would view as Conservative Libertarians not Pure Libertarians like the Ron Paul's of the World. But people who are conservative in a libertarian sense, people who are constitutionalists who believe conservatism's job is to protect and defend Constitutional Rights not some of them but all of them. They don't believe conservatism should be used in an authoritarian sense like the Far Right, that government's job is to enforce morality and how people live their own lives. But that conservatism should be used to liberate people. Something that Barry Goldwater, Ron Reagan, Bill Buckley back in the day. And people like George Will, Rudy Giulani, John Huntsman Mitt Romney, Kay Bailey Hutchinson even of today. People who would've represented the overwhelmingly majority of the Republican Party thirty years ago. But today find themselves in a party today dominated by Theocratic and Neo Authoritarian Conservatives.

Mainstream conservatives are Conservative Libertarians not Classical Libertarians and there's a difference. The Far Right when they speak in favor of the US Constitution, the Sarah Palin's, Michelle Bachman's, Rick Santorum's of the World. Either don't understand what they claim to be in favor of. Or are only actually speaking in favor of parts of the Constitution that they like. Like Political Speech, Freedom of Religion, the Right to Bare Arms and the 11th Amendment. That limits what the Federal Government can do. With the rightward drift of the Republican Party, there's been a real brain drain. Where today they look more like a Far Right Fringe Party, where candidates like Sarah Palin, MIchelle Bachman, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum. Are taken seriously, when thirty years ago they would've seem like Fringe Candidates like Pat Robertson. Where back in the day candidates like Rudy Giulani, Mitt Romney, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, John Huntsman would all be the Front Line Candidates seeking the Republican Nomination for President. They would be conservative on Economic and Foreign Policy but at least tolerant to moderate on Social Issues. Where homosexuality and abortion wouldn't be driving issues to them. I mean Mitt Romney introduced Civil Unions for Gay Couples back in 2003-04 as Governor of Massachusetts. John Huntsman and Rudy Giulani still support Gay Rights today for crying out loud and they are republicans.

So when you hear conservatives speak in favor of the US Constitution, ask what parts or are they in favor of the document as a whole. Because if they sound like they know what they are talking about and speak in favor of the Constitution broadly. Then they probably understand what they are talking about. But if they only speak in favor of parts of it or speak in sound bites. Then they probably don't have much of an idea of what they are talking about.