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Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Ring of Fire: Mike Papantonio- 'Progressives Need To Unite: The Calvary's Not Coming

Source: The Ring of Fire-
Source: The Ring of Fire: Mike Papantonio- 'Progressives Need To Unite: The Calvary is Not Coming'

Mike Papantonio is correct that the so-called Progressives need to come together and unite, for the short-term to prevent a Mitt Romney Presidency and a Tea Party Congress next year. Which is exactly what will happen if so-called Progressive (Socialists, in actuality) Democrats don't show up and vote Democratic in 2012. Which is exactly what they didn't do in 2010. And a reason why we have a Republican House right now, because Tea Party Republicans showed up and voted Republican in 2010 while Socialists sat at home, or vote for socialist third-party candidates. . Because President Obama turned out not to be a Socialist that they were expecting in 2008 and that the Democratic Congress wasn't socialist enough for them either.

See, elections do have consequences, which is something that right-wingers figured out a long time ago. That a lot of left-wingers whether they are Liberal such as myself or they are Socialist, haven't figured out yet. That if you don't like who comes to power and one of those reasons why they did come to power, is because you didn't bother to vote, that instead of sitting out and complaining about it, that if you don't do your part to prevent the people who came to power from getting into power, that you don't really have much reason to complain. Because if you just bothered to vote, maybe the people you want in power are still there.

In the short-term if Socialists don't want a Tea Party Congress to go along with a President Mitt Romney, they have to show up and vote, vote Democratic, vote for President Obama, vote Democratic in their House race and vote Democratic if they have a Senate race. And help with the turnout, especially in swing states, like anywhere in the Midwest at this point, except for maybe Minnesota. Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida and Colorado. If Socialists show up to the polls and vote Democratic in 2012, President Obama gets reelected and perhaps walking away. Senate Democrats retain control of the Senate and maybe House Democrats take back the House. But if they don't show up to the polls and vote in 2012, everything they've worked to accomplish in the last hundred years, will be in jeopardy in the next Congress. So if Socialists want to prevent this from happening, suck it up and vote for the Democrats in 2012.

Long-term if after the 2012 general elections, after President Obama has been elected and at least with another Democratic Senate to go along with the White House, if Socialists are still fed up with the Democratic Party, because they don't believe we are progressive enough, then come together and unite again and to form one progressive/democratic socialist party. That would combine the Progressive Caucus, Democratic Socialist Party, Green Party and Progressive Party. But in 2012 for Socialists, it has to be about the Democrats.