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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Joey Mesa-ABC Sports: NFL 1978-MNF-Baltimore Colts @ New England Patriots: Joe Washington Highlights

Source: Joey Mesa - Baltimore Colts RB Joe Washington-
Source:The New Democrat

I'm posting this because as a Redskins fan who is not quite old enough to have a very good memory of the Baltimore Colts before escaped to Indianapolis in 1984, I remember Joe Washington with the Redskins in the early and mid-1980s.

He was what the NFL calls now and perhaps then a hybrid on offense. Someone between a wide receiver and running back. Someone you could run out of the backfield in a traditional set, but run draws, catch screens and swing passes out of the backfield. But you also line him up in the slot position as a possession receiver, or even big play receiver. Hybrid offensive players tend to not be big for running backs and not tall for receivers.

Hybrids tend to be about 5'9-5'11 around 190-200 pounds or smaller than that. Strong enough to run the ball out of the backfield and catch the ball as a wideout and get open. But not quite big enough you want that player to be doing full-time, at least as your go to runner or receiver. The guy who really reminds me of Joe would be Eric Metcalf who played for the Cleveland Browns and Atlanta Falcons in the 1990s. And played both halfback and wide receiver, as well as return kicks and punts.
Joey Mesa-ABC Sports: NFL 1978-MNF- Baltimore Colts @ New England Patriots: Joe Washington Highlights

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wayne Barros: Video: NBC's The Tonight Show: Steve Martin Interviewing Richard Pryor in 1978

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger

Sounds to me Steve Martin was going dry trying to interview Richard Pryor on The Tonight Show. And what I mean by that for all of you who just speak English, is that Martin was struggling to think of stuff to ask Big Richard (ha ha) and was having to go off the top of his head. And apparently not having much upstairs to pick from to talk to Pryor about. With Pryor doing the best with what Martin would eventually find to talk to Pryor about. This interview to me is sort of like a blind date involving two people that basically have nothing in common. Perhaps their friends put them together as a practical joke.

Which is strange to me because Steve Martin is obviously not just a very funny man and great comedian, but a very bright guy. Otherwise he wouldn't of gotten the opportunity to fill in for the great Johnny Carson. But this interview to me looks like a couple of complete strangers being forced together and forced to talk to each other like their life depended on it. And they basically get down to "nice weather we're having. Yeah the weather tends to be nice around here in May. What's you favorite color? I had a cold recently, but it wasn't that bad".

But being the two great professionals that they were despite Steve Martin's lack of preparation and homework, (ha ha) I think they did pretty well together, despite the lack of and material and topics they had to work with. Because of Steve Martin not knowing what he was doing in that big chair and perhaps not understanding what the job of the comedic interviewer was. Perhaps The Tonight Show Staff didn't give him the memo, or Steve's dog ate his homework.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

HBO: Video: Real Time With Bill Maher: Bill Maher Tells American Socialists to Come Out of the Closet

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger

Forget about me saying at risk of slapping myself on the back, because I'm just going to slap myself on the back so much, you would think I was being whipped with a belt by a gay lover. Because I've made at least part of the point over and over of what Bill Maher is saying here. We not only still have closet gays in America, but we have closet Socialists as well. We have Americans who say "I hate socialism, oh by the way, you even think about touching my damn Medicare, I'll kill you". And that is the nice version, but who do you think runs Medicare, Jesus Christ? Medicare is a socialist centralized federal government-run program that is financed through taxes that we the people pay.

But there's even more, because we also have Americans who say they aren't Socialists. They just speak highly of socialism and defend socialism, as if their lives or Unemployment Insurance depended on it. Sort of like the Christian fundamentalist preacher who says he hates homosexuality and that it is a sin. While at the same time he's having affairs with men that his wife and ten kids don't know about of course. But the difference being the closet Socialist on the Left, doesn't have the balls to admit they are a Socialist. The person on the Right doesn't support socialism broadly. So I'll cut them some slack.

But the closet Socialist on the Left is a Socialist, perhaps knows they are a Socialist and just doesn't want to admit it. Because admitting to being a Socialist in America or admiring it, is liking a man admitting he likes boys, or admitting to being a rapist or something. It is not socialism that Americans hate, but the word itself because it gets linked to communism and other leftist authoritarian ideologies. It is not that we don't have Socialists or gay lovers of gay socialism in America. It is that we have Socialists who don't have the balls to admit to what they are. And Americans who do not understand what socialism actually and look down at and people who actually admit they are Socialists.

Whether you want to call the lets say hard core Left in America especially in the Democratic Party McGovernites, which is how they were labeled in the 1970s and 80s, or Progressive Caucus in the 1990s and even today, or the modern label Occupy Wall Street, these are the stuck in the closet with the door bolted down that an Army tank couldn't knock the closet door down Socialists in America. The Bernie Sanders of this movement actually has the balls to admit he's a Socialist and damn proud of it. But a lot of his followers don't and go by Progressive, or what makes me want to try to ram a brick wall down with a head, I hate saying this but they some call themselves Liberals.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Best Domain Vidz: Video: NFL Films: NFL 1958-Championship-Baltimore Colts @ New York Giants: The Most Important Game in NFL History

This post was originally posted at FRS Daily Journal on Blogger

Was the 1958 NFL Championship game the best game ever played, well if you look at the 5-6 turnovers in that game and both teams getting in the red zone and not scoring and other mistakes like that of course not. The 1967 NFC Championship between the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Back Packers especially if you consider the weather conditions and where the game was played in Green Bay, Wisconsin, was a much better played game. 

But the Cowboys and Packers still manages to play very well in that game. Even though it was played under those conditions. And the Hall of Fame head coaches Tom Landry and Vince Lombardi coaching that game and all the Hall of Fame players that played in that game. Cowboys DT Bob Lilly, WR Bob Hayes, CB Mell Renfro. For the Packers QB Bob Starr, OT Forrest Gregg, OG Jerry Kramer, DE Willy Davis, LB Ray Nitchke and others. I believe thats the greatest game ever played as far as the quality of the game.

And that's different from the most important game ever played. Because the 1958 NFL Championship had more to do with the future of the NFL as well as pro football. It made it easier to form the American Football League because of the attention that the 58 NFL Championship got, because now it was clear that there was room in America for more than twelve Pro football franchises, that were all in the NFL. And the NFL wasn't looking to expand, but instead consolidate the revenue that it had. 

The NFL had just survived the Korean War where it lost players to that war, World War II obviously same thing the Great Depression and somehow survived financially from that and came out better and on top from where it was before. What makes the 1958 NFL Championship and yes it was a very well played game and even a great game to watch as far as how entertaining it was, was for one it was the most important game ever played. You're talking about the two best teams in pro football playing for the NFL Championship in New York at Yankee Stadium in front of a live national televised audience, with two great football teams that had great coaching. 

For the Baltimore Colts coached by Weeb Ewbank who's in the Hall of Fame. For the New York Giants, forget about their head coach Jim Lee Howell and (I know with a name like Jim Lee Howell how can you forget that name) but you got Vince Lombardi as the offensive coordinator and Tom Landry as the defensive coordinator. As they say in Brooklyn, forget about it! That's all you need to know about the Giants coaching staff.  

And then you Hall of Famers for the Colts like QB John Unitas the greatest ever, RB Len More, RB Alan Ameche who scored the winning TD in the game, OT Jim Parker maybe the greatest OT of all time. WR Ray Berry one of the greatest possession WR of all time. DE Gino Marchetti maybe the greatest DE of all time, CB Johnny Sample and many others. The 1958 Giants as far as Hall of Famers, on offense RB Frank Gifford, on defense DT Andy Robostelli, DT Rosey Greer, MLB Sam Huff. 

These are three of the greatest defenders of all-time and they had the best defense in the NFL as well and scored enough points to win. With  Frank Gifford, FB Alex Webster, WR Tobin Rote and QB Charlie Connerly who could both run and pass and do them well. Anytime you get a matchup like that, under those conditions in a championship final on network TV and radio with all the major newspapers covering the game, you got something special, the NFL at this point was a major sports league. 

But Major League Baseball was still number one and college football was probably number two as far as team sports. But this game set the stage because of the audience it drew, still one of the highest rated programs and intended games in pro sports history, for the NFL by the early 1970s to be the dominant sports league in America if not the world. 

What the 1958 NFL Championship Final did, was set the stage for the NFL and the AFL to become the number one sports league in America because of the teams that played it, the players that played in it, how well they played. And of course the audience it drew, because now America could see how great of a sport pro football was and decided they wanted to see a lot more of it. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Frank Russo: Video: Captain: The Thurman Munson Story: Mr. New Yankee of The 1970s

This post was originally posted at FRS Citizen Journal on Blogger

I'm not an expert on Thurman Munson, he died in 1979 and I didn't start watching baseball until 1983 but what I've heard about Thurman Munson, is that there's not nearly enough information or reporting about him one of the most underrated and under appreciated baseball players of all time. We are talking about one of the best all around Catchers of the 1970s, right there with Carlton Fisk and Johnny Bench. Same skills as both players but ran better and could hit for a better average. 

This was a catcher who was a 300 hitter and back then that almost never happened. Besides I'm a Baltimore Orioles fan and the New York Yankees are our arch rivals and Orioles fans hate the Yankees and we had a very good rivalry with each other in the 1970s and 80s and the Yankees cost the Orioles a three division titles in the mid and late 1970s, 76-78. But again what I've heard and know about Munson, is a great all around catcher who was headed to the Hall of Fame. 

And even though he only played eleven seasons 1969-79, again since he was one of the best all around catchers of an entire decade that alone should be enough to give Thurman Munson consideration for the Hall of Fame. Anytime you're one of the best players at your positions and one of the best players in the game for an entire decade, that alone should give you strong consideration to be in the Hall of Fame. But thats not up to me but it took a plane crash in the Summer of 1979 to keep Thurman Munson out of the Hall of Fame because he's a player that played in pain constantly, similar to Mickey Mantle another great Yankee and who was headed to the Hall of Fame.

If you want to know if Thurman Munson was a great baseball player or not, you need to know what makes a great baseball player. To me thats someone with no glaring weakness's and at least with a few glaring strengths and you show these skills consistently for a solid period of time, 5-7 or ten years to me for a catcher to be a great Catcher, you can't just be a guy that calls a great game, defends his position well and throws the ball well, Rick Dempsey of the Orioles did all of those things very well. 

And for about ten years about as well as they could be done. But he was basically a 230 hitter with very little if any power and not much of a run producer his entire career. But he was a good clutch hitter in the playoffs but that alone even with being a great Defensive Catcher. Doesn't get you in the Hall of Fame, the reason why Thurman Munson was a great catcher because he did everything that Rick Dempsey could do if not better. 

But he was also a 300 Hitter who drove in runs. Who also had solid power but not great power but definite threat to go deep. In the American League the two best catchers in the 1970s were Carlton Fisk and Thurman Munson and you could go either way and for that decade I would lean towards Munson, because he played through injuries without losing production. Fisk missed a lot of time because of injuries. When I think of the term captain as it relates to sports, I think of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar of the Los Angeles Lakers who his teammates called Cap. 

But captain also fits Thurman Munson of the New York Yankees who was not only the captain of his teams but the leader the quarterback, the on field coach of that team that his teammates knew they better do their jobs or the captain was going to get on them. Who always did whatever he could to make sure his players were in the best position that they could be so they could play as well for the Yankees as possible. Thurman Munson was the Captain of the New York Yankees.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Lakers Dynasty: Video: The 1987-88 Los Angeles Laker Back to Back: The Lakers Become the Team of the 1980s

This post was originally posted at FRS Citizen Journal on Blogger

The Los Angeles Lakers of the 1980s were a great dynasty for several reasons and more reasons because they had Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Earvin Johnson and Pat Riley as their head coach and Jerry West as their general manager. They had the best center of all-time, the best point guard of all-time, one of the best head coaches of all-time in Pat Riley, one of the best executives of all-time in Jerry West. And a great chief executive in Jerry Buss, again one of the best ever. All these people are Hall of Famers and in Jerry West a Hall of Famer as one of the best players of all-time as well as one of the best general managers of all-time.

And you add in James Worthy another Hall of Famer and a guy who played both small forward and power forward at 6'9 225 pounds the size to play both positions and you throw in their fast break, I believe the best ever with their ability to defend, rebound, run the floor. Kareem, Magic, Riley and their fast break is what they are known for, but these are just some of the reasons why they were a great dynasty. 

You had Jerry West putting the teams together, Pat Riley leading the teams and then Kareem and Magic, both two of the best players of all-time not just at their positions and you can make a good case for both of them that they are the best basketball players of all-time period as their lead players, with Worthy backing them up, who on most other teams in the NBA would be the best player on the team, but since he played for the Showtime Lakers he was the third best player.

The Showtime Lakers had three of the best players in the league all on the same team with the best head coach in the league at least at the time in Pat Riley with their three franchise players. One or two of them even could have a bad game, not in a championship game, at least not two of them and the Lakers could still win. Because two or just one of them was great enough to pick up the slack for one or two players. The Celtics back then were the only other team in the NBA that had that.

With all that, that's still not enough to be NBA champions, that's most of the pieces, but not all of them. They had great role players as well, Byron Scott great outside shooter and defender, Michael Cooper the same thing and with the ability to play both guard positions and small forward. Kurt Rambis excellent post defender, rebounder and ran the floor very well and a great hustle player. AC Green another excellent rebounder and post defender who ran the floor very well and could score a little as well. Mychal Thompson a great third big man, the ability to play both center and power Forward. Could rebound defend, score and ran the floor very well as well.

The Showtime Lakers are known for their fast break, but what doesn't get mentioned is why they are a great fast break team. Back then the Lakers were also one of the best defensive teams if not the best defensive team as well as a very good rebounding team and the best passing team in the league. Their defense and rebounding led to their fast breaks, with Earvin Johnson the best Point Guard the NBA has ever seen running the Laker show. 

But with Kareem, Magic, Worthy, their outside shooters, they were also a great half court team. The Showtime Lakers were like a great movie or TV show with a great producer, director, great lead actors and great character actors with everyone knowing their roles and playing them up to their best ability. Which is why I believe the Showtime Lakers are the best NBA dynasty of all time. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Anti-Conformist: Video: CNN's Larry King Live, Bill Maher Remembers George Carlin: The Comedian Who Hit Everyone Who Deserved to be Hit

This post was originally posted at FRS Citizen Journal on Blogger

George Carlin isn't my favorite comedian but he's one of them. I don't consider him to be the best comedian but definitely one of them. But he's my favorite satirist and I consider him to be the best ever at that at least the best I've ever heard of, I guess all comedians are satirists, they all get their material from what they see in life. But Carlin to me is a satirist first, a great political satirist and a fair political satirist. He takes on both sides, that alone doesn't make him fair but the fact that he takes on the weakness's of both sides does because he hits people regardless of party where they deserves to be hit.

I try not to listen to political satirists from the right or left, unless they say something ignorant. And then I'll write something about that, making fun of them. Bill Maher who I don't even consider to be a Liberal, he's so far off on Far Left out there Utopian Land or somewhere he's probably my biggest target when it comes to political satirists right now, especially on the Left. Sarah Palin and yes thats what she is, she's a satirist and pretty funny one. But she's may favorite target on the Right. But I prefer to listen to satirists like George Carlin, Jon Stewart, Dennis Miller a real Conservative, Adam Carolla, a Libertarian Satirist people who take on the establishment but in satiric form.

If you're going to take on the establishment, you shouldn't pick on one side and treat them like the Devil. People who are completely incompetent and treat your side like its a God not capable of making mistakes, you should be able to hit both sides when they mess up. Especially when they are hypocritical, perfect example of this. When someone like Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann, both have a future in comedy if they want it. Rush Limbaugh a big fat target, that a blind person could hit would be another one.

When Sarah, Michelle and Rush go off on Democrats for supporting Big Government, whether the Democrats they targeting support Big Government or not, keep in mind when it comes to partisan attacks, facts aren't the important thing. Its what's believable that counts and they go after Democrats for supporting something they are in favor of. Keep in mind when Rep. Bachmann announced her presidential campaign last summer that lasted almost until 2012, two of her first positions were supporting Constitutional Amendments to ban same-sex-marriage and pornography. She's got Big Government written all over her sweet face.

But what separates George Carlin from everyone, is his honesty, bluntness and credibility. He has all of those things, he goes after everyone he believes deserves to be critiqued. Both Democrats and Republicans, as well as Independents and the voters as well. He doesn't blame politicians for the problems in the country. But the people that voted for those politicians and then voted for their reelection. Which is what separates George Carlin from the pack.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Musical Atmosphere: Video: Joan Rivers Standup in 1984: Annoyances in Life

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger

Speaking of annoyances in life, how about Joan Rivers. After listening to that performance, the whole damn thing by the way, I feel like I just got back from a Judas Priest heavy metal concert. And I was not only in the first row, but right in front of the speakers listening for two-hours straight. Looks like I'm going to the ear-doctor tomorrow, because I can't even hear myself think. So if this post sounds strange it is because I might not know what I'm saying, because I can't even hear myself think. Joan was very funny, but her act was loud to put it mildly. That is just sort of how she spoke to people and performed.

As far as what Joan was talking about. Filthy people, who likes filthy people especially if they live right next door to you, or worst even in your home. Wait I think I got it, filthy people like filthy people. Could you imagine a filthy person getting on someone for being filthy. That would be like an alcoholic getting on someone who smokes too much. It would be a little hard to put up with without making fun of a the tiny hypocrisy there. But the part of that is funny, is that she also doesn't like to clean, but with the money she had, she probably had her own cleaning crew. So it worked out for her.

Joan doesn't like cooking, so I guess going to her place for dinner meant bringing your own food. Unless she ordered out for both of you, or perhaps had her cooking staff prepare a meal for you. Aging, you know this is going to sound as obvious as saying when you jump in a lake, you're going to get wet. And perhaps will sound easy coming from a guy, especially a guy who is not an athlete or divorced. But if you want to live a long time and I mean really live and not just be alive and do it for a long time, you're going to age. Speaking about facts of life.

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Ed Sullivan Show: Video: Joan Rivers on Dating in 1967

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger

I never got Joan Rivers putting down her physical appearance, especially with the style icon that she has become with her own clothing line that I'm sure is worth in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Is she Raquel Welch, well does it snow in Houston, Texas in July, same answer to both questions. But most women are not Raquel Welch with that great of a physical appearance where they can make women young enough to Raquel's granddaughter jealous of her looks.

But Joan Rivers is sure as hell not Janet Reno either and if she was, the only thing she would be famous for would be kicking the hell out of NFL players with her butch appearance and presence. Actually Janet Reno is famous for putting away tough guys, but in a more legal fashion. I saw Joan as a cute little Jewish blonde, not to get too ethnic, but from New York. With a damn quick wit that comes from that community and city. And never understood why she was always putting herself down. Other than to get great laughs, which she was great at.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Joy Collector: Video: Angie Dickenson on the Joan Rivers Show in 1983

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger

On a personal note and perhaps just the only one. I could watch and listen to Angie Dickenson until it snowed in Miami, Florida. Sitting in Miami, Florida in July waiting for it to snow and getting so tanned and sunburned that I make John Boehner look like the Snowman. By the way, Snowmen aren't real. I hate to break that to you kids and seriously retarded adults. People just make fake men out of snow. Sort how women see fake men as real men and then act horribly surprised when their man turns into a bastard.

But back to Angie Dickenson before I lose anymore followers. Ha, my followers are back already. I could literally listen to her read off of a phone book and go through the thousands of Joe and Mary Smith's who live on Main Street near Bob's Diner and Gas Station and it would sound fascinating coming from her. She has this adorable and yet sexy vibe from her that everything she says and talks about just grabs you. The women could also look hot in pajamas and an orange baggy prison jumpsuit. She has this quality about her that is incredible that is hard to explain that you simply don't see on a regular basis.

Friday, November 7, 2014

The National Memo: Opinion- Froma Harrop: Progressives Don't Need Washington All That Much

Source: CNN-
Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat

There's a tiny little state in New England right next door of New Hampshire which is happens to be the Libertarian Republic of New Hampshire and just south of Maine called Vermont. Or as I and a lot of others like to call the Socialist Republic of Vermont. Of course if you are an American you already know that unless you live somewhere thousands of miles from Vermont with no access to any media. But I say this because Vermonters do what so-called Progressives in Washington especially in Congress and so-called progressive activists say they want to do, but never actually get done, but do it differently.

What I'm getting to is that Vermont is nicknamed the Socialist Republic of Vermont because they have the highest percentage of Socialists or socialist supporters in America at least outside of the San Francisco area. And they have been able to establish the polices and programs in their tiny little state of seven-hundred-thousand people or so, that today's so-called Progressives inside of Washington and their supporters have been talking about doing for decades. But haven't had any real success at it at least since the Great Society in the 1960s.

Vermont has single payer health insurance and affordable health care for everyone. They have a pension system that is for everyone. And they have a boatload of other taxpayer funded state-run social services for their residents for everyone. And haven't asked Congress or the Administration for the funding for them or permission to run federal services in their state. Because they already have them at home. Vermont is the perfect example of why Progressives and Social Democrats should embrace federalism. Because they've shown they can enact progressive policies in their state without Washington.

Now today's so-called Progressives who in a lot of cases are really Social Democrats or Democratic Socialists, would be the last people you would expect to be Federalists. If there's anyone who believes in big centralized government, it would Progressives and Social Democrats. The inventors of the New Deal and Great Society. But people with the same ideological perspectives as they relate to both economic and social policy in Vermont has shown how federalism can be used in a progressive way and make it work for everyone in their state.

The lesson for today's Progressives and Social Democrats when it comes to the 2014 midterm elections, is that they don't need Washington to enact their progressive and socialist policies. Minimum wage increases and marijuana reform happened at  the state level on Tuesday. Not at the federal level and states like Vermont, Massachusetts and California have proven that Progressives know how to govern in their states and give people the public services that they want. And that they know how to pay for them and run them.
CNN Christine Romans- Minimum Wage & Pot Win Big

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Salon: Interview: Luke Brinker Talks to Rula Jebreal: Rula Jebreal Sounds Off on Bill Maher Islam Spat

Salon: Interview: Luke Brinker Talks to Rula Jebreal: Rula Jebreal Sounds Off on Bill Maher Islam Spat

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger

First of all just about this so-called interview. It sounded more like a conversation to me and a slanted one at that. With the Luke Brinker taking the typical Salon leftist political correctness slant. Suggesting that by asking "does Bill Maher's criticism of Islam give rise to new islamaphobia". Another example  would be "does Bill Maher's criticism make him sound like a Neoconservative". You can click the link in this post to see the actual conversation yourself.

First of all if you saw the show yourself the Real Time episode that Rula Jebreal was on with Bill Maher, it was essentially three against one. Bill Maher, Senator Angus King an Independent by the way, hardly anyone's radical and General Wesley Clark a center-left Democrat. Especially Maher and Senator King were defending free speech and Maher's right to speak freely especially express the truth. With Rula Jebreal trying to put the focus on Maher and herself and debate Islam. With her comparing Maher to an anti-semite of all things.

Any criticism against Islam even when it comes from Liberals and other leftists and you get labeled as a racist or some other type of bigot by the political correctness Left. Even when Muslims such as Reza Aslam are quick to point out that Bill Maher is not a racist and besides Islam is not even a race to begin with. And that is what I at least saw on that show. Rula Jebreal making the politically correct argument against those who would criticize Islam. And Bill Maher as well as Liberals sticking up for free speech. Freedom of Speech vs. political correctness in America. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Mr. Dnice: Video: Frank Sinatra Interviewing Angie Dickinson: Two Oceans Eleven Cast Members Reunite

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger

Frank would’ve made an excellent talk show host with his sense of humor. His ability to sing obviously and all of the people he knew. Plus his intelligence and interests the ability to talk about multiple topics. But this interview with Angie Dickenson I bet was fairly easy for him. Except for perhaps trying to focus and pay attention to the interview and not just stare at Angie the whole time. Who just happens to be one of the top goddess's in Hollywood history. 

I bet this interview was easy for Mr. Blue Eyes, because he and Angie knew each other pretty well. They worked together to do the 1960 film Oceans Eleven. They were very friendly and had history together and gave them both an opportunity to talk about some of the better moments in both entertainer's career. And the time they spent together. I just wish I knew what show this was.  

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Salon: Blog: Rula Jebreal to Bill Maher: "When You Talk About Islam in a Certain Way, Some People Feel Threatened": Bill Maher in Trouble For Speaking Out & Telling the Truth

Salon: Blog: Rula Jebreal to Bill Maher: "When You Talk About Islam in a Certain Way, Some People Feel Threatened

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger

This whole debate has been coming from really the Hollywood and other political correctness leftists against Bill Maher. Because instead of using his time to just critique Christians when it comes to religion, being the true Atheist he is, he goes after other religions he's not a fan of and other radicals from other religions that he doesn't like. With the far-left responding by saying essentially "what are you doing? You are supposed  to go after Christians and Jews and Israel. Not people we want to protect". Because they tend not to be Anglo and Western European.

Senator Angus King who is an Independent by the way, but caucus's with Senate Democrats at least in this Congress, I believe had the best line in this exchange. When he said that "free speech is not just speech that you agree with, but also speech you disagree with and may be offended by.". Which is really the whole debate on the Left in America with Bill Maher getting in trouble with the far-left and Liberals such as myself defending his right to speak freely regardless of what others think of it.

Bill Maher getting in trouble with political correctness fascists on the far-left who can't handle anything that contradicts their ideological arguments, especially when they are facts that contradict them. As Bill Maher said that he's gotten into trouble for speaking the truth on Islam. Again we are talking about free speech. Not politically correct speech, or politically incorrect speech. But free speech that protects everyone's right to express their opinions. And people shouldn't get in trouble for speaking their minds and getting censored, especially when it is the truth. 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

ESPN U: SEC Storied- The Life of Herschel Walker

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat

Imagine being a defender in football and having to try to tackle a man whose 6’1 225 pounds of muscle, probably bench presses four hundred pounds, with track speed probably runs like a 4.3. Because that’s what the challenge was in trying to stop Herschel Walker. A running back no matter what level he ever played at he was always one play away from scoring no matter what part of the field he was on. Because he either broke a tackle from someone who would’ve tackled him if he’s a good tackler, or he would just hit a hole with raw speed.

Try to chase Herschel down would be like trying to chase down a horse on foot. Now imagine if Herschel didn’t play in the United States Football League for three seasons and went straight to the NFL. Imagine if Herschel didn’t start his NFL career with the Dallas Cowboys when they were in decline in 1986. Imagine if Herschel was drafted in the 1983 NFL Draft by not only someone who wanted him, but could use him. And build their offense around him or at least make him their go to RB and they were a good team.

What I’m getting at is that unfortunately Herschel Walker’s career a lot of it is about imagination. Of what would’ve been or what could’ve happen because here is arguably the most talented running back of all-time. And a case could make that he’s the best running back of all-time. But Herschel will never be in the Hall of Fame. The USFL was not a good move on his part at least as it turns out.

And when Herschel finally get’s to the NFL he’s playing for the Dallas Cowboys who were 7-9 in Herschel’s rookie season in 1986. And playing behind Tony Dorsett who was one of the best running backs in the NFL at that point. And by the time Herschel becomes the main RB in Dallas in 1988, the Cowboys are 3-13 the worst team in the NFL. And they weren’t very good in 1987 either and Herschel being the only solid weapon on offense that the Cowboys had with QB Danny White in his last season in the NFL. And opposing defenses knew this and Herschel take a whipping while he was in Dallas.

In 1989 Cowboys new head coach/general manager Jimmy Johnson trades his only Pro Bowler and great player on the Cowboys team to Minnesota. And plays for a Vikings team that was also in decline as well and struggling just to make the NFC Playoffs. And ends up getting traded to Philadelphia and playing for an Eagles team that wasn’t bad, but it was Randall Cunningham’s team. And Herschel was there to give the Eagles a threat in the running game.

But this Eagles offense wasn’t the offense for Herschel either. So Herschel Walker the greatest running back of all-time coming out of college in 1983 ends up being a journeyman player in pro football. Because he was never able to find that right team for him that was a good team, but also a team that would utilize all of Herschel’s talents and get the best out of him.
Herschel Walker the greatest college running back of all-time and the physical and mental abilities to be a great NFL running back. And be in the Hall of Fame and challenge Jim Brown as the greatest running back of all-time. This is the career that Herschel would’ve had, but that never happened because in the NFL he was never with a team that was headed in the right direction. Either an established winner or moving up to becoming one. And as a result became a journeyman player in the NFL.

Raw Story: Blog: Arturo Garcia: Bill Maher Slams Berkley Prosters: Who Said You Only Had to Hear What Didn't Upset You?

Raw Story: Blog: Arturo Garcia: Bill Maher Slams Berkley Protesters: "Who Said You Only Had to Hear What Didn't Upset You?" 

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger

Finally someone who calls them self a Liberal other than myself, who of course is a real thing (self-high five for me) who calls people to the left of us the far-left. Because that is exactly what these Berkley Bill Maher protesters represent in America. The far-left and their political correctness movement of "if we don't like what you have to say, we'll shut you up, or sure as hell try to shut you up!" Again I'm being nice and they would probably use their free speech rights that apparently only believe they should have and put it stronger than that.

To Bill Maher's point, what happened to the free speech movement at Berkley? The hell with the political correctness movement that perhaps has replaced the free speech movement at Berkley that is supposed to be some champion of liberalism. I want to know what happened to the free speech movement at Berkley of the 1960s and the Baby Boom Generation there. And as far as Ben Affleck, here's another opportunity to have fun with his logic (if you have to call it that) when it comes to racism. Islam is of course not a race, but a religion Big Ben. If you don't believe me, ask Reza Aslam.

Liberals believe in free speech and if you only support free speech that you support, please remove the liberal label from your chest voluntarily, or I might rip it off for you. Free speech is not just speech you agree with. It is also speech that you may not like and it might be speech that you not only not like, but is accurate and goes against whatever ideological argument that you are trying to make. Which is what are called inconvenient facts or the inconvenient truth. To paraphrase Al Gore.

Bill Maher understands these things and so do real Liberals who truly live up to liberal values with free speech being at the top. It is not called the First Amendment because speech won some lottery and the Founding Fathers the Founding Liberals knew exactly how important free speech was. Which is why they made it the First Amendment. And if you don't believe in the First Amendment, even if you support all of the other liberal values, you come up way too short to be a Liberal.