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Friday, August 31, 2012

Rt America The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann: "The Republican Plan to Put 98% of Their Agenda Through The Next Congress": Not Going to Happen

I've heard some crazy theories before but this is the pipe dream that may even get me to rethink my Marijuana Legalization position. Currently I support Legalizing Marijuana but this so called plan that Anti Tax Crusader Grover Norquist has apparently released to the Financial Times. Where assuming Mitt Romney wins the Presidential Election, where only one major National Poll has him with a lead right now. And where if the Presidential Election were held tomorrow, the President would win more Electoral Votes but still not enough to get to 271 but the point is he would still have more then Mitt. And then the undecided States would decide the Electoral College and that Republicans hold the House but they probably lose 10-15 seats maybe twenty. And that Senate Republicans pick up 3-4 seats in the Senate, even despite all of their self inflicted wounds. And the fact that some Republican seats that were off the table back in May, are now on the table thanks to the Tea Party. Indiana, Maine, perhaps Arizona, Massachusetts as well was always there, this is assuming a lot, everything would have to fall perfectly into Republicans hands.

Remember the old joke, why shouldn't you assume, because it makes an ass out of you and me. That describes this Republican plan perfectly but just for the Hell of it, lets say everything falls into place. Lets say its 50-50 Republican next year in the Senate with a President Romney, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker John Boehner with a much smaller majority then he has now. If you are the Senate Democratic Leadership whether Harry Reid becomes the new Minority Leader or someone else gets the job, what incentive do you have to work with. Mitch McConnell on anything, especially with how the Republican Minority has been so obstructive to the Senate Majority on everything the last six years. It will still take Unanimous Consent to move any legislation in the Senate in the next Congress. Meaning the Minority Leader will be able to block anything by objecting to it on the floor. And the Leader would need sixty votes to overturn the objection.

Forget about the Senate Cloture Rule for a minute which shouldn't be hard for anyone to do. A lot of the legislation that the Republican Minority has blocked in the Senate the last six years. Has been done through objecting to it, the Leader calls a bill up, McConnell or one his deputies objects to it, Leader Reid doesn't have sixty votes to overturn the objection. He voices his frustration and they move on and of course it will still take sixty votes just move to Final Passage. Basically you need sixty votes to vote on Final Passage in the Senate, so even with Budget Reconciliation, meaning only fifty one votes needed to pass legislation . Thats part of a budget plan, Senate Republicans would still have some major hurdles to overcome. Another words this plan aint happening in the next Congress but nice try guys keep playing.