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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Somalia famine spreads 'beyond reach of aid': Here's a Case for Nation Building

If you look at what Nation Building is and what its suppose to be, go into a country thats never really been a country. With a government thats capable of governing the country in a responsible way. Nation Building at its best, looks something like the Balkan Region, where NATO, the European Union and the United States to a certain extent. Took out ruthless dictators and terrorists who were murdering people because of their ethnicity. Albanians, bosniaks, serbians, croats etc and then sent in supplies and resources and gave them to the responsible people of these new countries. To build their new countries, Nation Building at its worse looks like Afghanistan as far as I'm concern. Ten years into a Civil War there and this country which has never been a country capable of governing itself, in 2011 is still in that position. Where a Brutal Regime has been replaced by a Corrupt Government. I wouldn't say Iraq is in that category, because even though it took them about six years to get there. They now have what looks like a functioning Federal Government with a capable Law Enforcement and Military but they are not done yet.

For Nation Building to work, I believe you need several things, the consent of the people that you want to help. To eliminate whatever threat to security that may remain from any terrorists and loyalists from the previous regime that may be there. You have to have security so when you start to actually build the country, build in a lot of cases not rebuild. Somalia and Afghanistan perfect examples of this and Libya to a certain extent as well. With Western Europe and Japan it was about rebuilding, two different things. You have to have security so when you send in the supplies, they get to the responsible people who will govern and build the country. In six months thats already basically been established in Libya, much different from Afghanistan and Iraq. And then you need a coalition of countries one, so you can get the most supplies and resources and provide the most security as possible. But also for political reasons, so your not seen as occupiers. Thats what's been established in Libya as well. Instead of one country basically take the United States in Iraq, thats basically tried to do most of the hard and dangerous work on their own.

This is what Somalia needs and they will be a long term Building Project, they are simply not capable of governing and defending or even feeding themselves. They need Financial Aid, Agriculture Aid, Temporary Security and help establishing their own Law Enforcement and Military. That can defend their country which is fairly large physically, about the size of Afghanistan and also in a rough neighborhood. In the African Horn thats prone to terrorism and is very diverse ethnically with different peoples that don't like each other. The good news is that they don't have an Authoritarian Regime like the Assad Regime in Syria. The bad news is that they don't really have a government of their own at all. That can defend and govern this large country and they are going to need an International Coalition that can help them get there. And this is where the African Union and Arab League, Somalia is right in their region can help. And the European Union, NATO and the United Nations as well as the United States with resources can be a big help as well.

Nation Building is not occupying which is basically what the United States has been doing in Iraq. Nation Building is assisting a people to be able to govern themselves. Helping them build up their own National Government so they can govern themselves. Nation Building is not Nation Rebuilding either, these are two different concepts.