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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thom Hartmann Vs. Arthur Brooks: "Free Enterprise", How Free Enterprise is not Free

First of all there's no such thing as "Free Enterprise", thats a completely bogus term. The real term is Private Enterprise and if Private Enterprise were Free. It wouldn't be subjected to regulations and taxes, which of course Private Enterprise. All over the World is subjected to, America may have the Freest Private Enterprise System in the World. But its not Free but it is Private and we do have Property Rights in America. Now there are so called Conservatives and even Libertarians in America. That would like to push us towards a Free Enterprise System in the World. And eliminate all regulations and taxes on people working in the Private Sector. The questions aren't whether America has a Free Enterprise System or not. We simply don't, the question is should we or not and the answer to that is. If you were to take a National Poll, would be clearly no. The overwhelming answer to that question would be no, we believe in regulating and taxing our economy. The only question is to how much we should tax and regulate our economy. If at all and again I believe we definitely should. To be able to fund our government to do only what it should do. And to protect innocent people from being abused in our Economic System.

So the question is not whether America should have a Private Enterprise System or a. State Ownership Economic System, meaning the State owns the economy. Which is what Classical Socialism is, which is a form of Communism. Americans would also answer we clearly should have a Private Enterprise System as well. Thats why we are the number one Economic Power in the World. Twice the size of China which has four times as many people as we do. The questions are what type of Private Enterprise System we should have. How much we should tax and regulate, what should we do for people who can't take care of themselves. If anything, what should we do to create as much opportunity for everyone in society. To be successful and not have to live off of Public Assistance. For me it gets down to Economic Liberalism in its purist form, creating an Opportunity Society. Where everyone in the country can succeed.

Economic Liberalism is what this country needs, creating a Private Enterprise System. Where everyone has the opportunity to be successful in life. No matter the economic levels of their families and where we can help adults who have fallen through the cracks of the economy. Get themselves up and be able to take care of themselves. And this gets to education, Job Training and Job Placement.