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Monday, April 8, 2013

Matt Libman: Reverend Jesse Jackson at The 1984 Democratic National Convention- Early Days of Occupy Wall Street?

I'm sure there are people who believe that Occupy Wall Street didn't start until the fall of 2011. With the protests from Progressive groups against Wall Street and corporations and so fourth. Well thats when the name Occupy Wall Street came into this existence but this Leftist movement lets. Say has been around since the mid to late 1960s and started with the antiwar movement that was also in favor of the Great Society. It became a Social-Democratic pro welfare-state and anti-agression movement, basically anti military and even anti law enforcement. Movement that basically believed that the job of government was to protect people both economically and to a certain extent. A faction in it believes to this say that the job of government is to protect us culturally as well. The whole political correctness movement is part of what I call the New-Left in America which is what Occupy Wall Street is today and has become. The anti hate-speech movement, people who want to ban hate speech, the prohibition-movement people who want to ban soft drinks and junk food. Meat being used as food, trees from being used to build homes and so fourth. The Atheist-Left people who would probably like to ban religion in America is also part of the New-Left as well.

Jesse Jackson who I doubt is with the Prohibitionists on the New-Left and as a Reverend is certainly not part of the Atheist-Left. Someone whose more Liberal then Statist on social issues and perhaps not Statist at all on social issues. Represents the New-Left in America very well when it comes to economic and foreign policy. The New-Left in America is basically the George McGovern wing of the Democratic Party and the broader Left in America. Thats spread across over other Leftist parties in America. The FDR/LBJ wing of the Democratic Party that we need to be strong at home as well as abroad and believe in things like strong national defense and. Law enforcement to go with a strong and robust welfare-state with all sorts of Federal programs to. Take care of people is all but gone in America, some of those Democrats are still around and I'm related to at least one of them. But that movement has basically been replaced by the McGovern New-Left wing in the Democratic Party. The pro welfare-state anti-agression wing of the Democratic Party.

One of the reasons why I respect Rev. Jackson so much even though we come from different wings of the Democratic Party. Is that he's someone who loves America but understands that to love a country you also need to know what's working well and what's not. So you know where you are doing well and where you need to improve which is what he was doing in this speech. Saying that it wasn't "morning in America again" for all of America.