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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Senator Bernie Sanders: Robin Hood in Reverse

Source: Senator Bernie Sanders-
Source: Senator Bernie Sanders: Robin Hood in Reverse

What do I like about Sen. Bernie Sanders admitted Democratic Socialist from Vermont, he truly believes what he's saying. All the time from what I've heard, he's easily one of the most honest Members of Congress.

Except for when he says America is the only country without a single payer health care system. The rest of the developed world might have universal health insurance and I think he knows this is true. But they all have their own approach in how they accomplish that. They don't all have single payer systems. Which I know what you're thinking, that ain't saying much. Where a lot of Members of Congress take the if my constituents are for it, so am I approach to leadership. But its true Senator Sanders is a very honest man. And he truly wants to do what is best in his mind and supporters mind for the country. He's not in Congress or ever has been to stay in Congress and keep getting reelected. Or make more money down the road as a lobbyist or something.

But Bernie Sanders is there to do what he believes is the right thing even if it costs him votes. My differences with Senator Sanders are purely political and on policy grounds. He simply has a socialist view of the world and would like to see America become more like Europe. I have a liberal view of the world and like to see America get back to being like America.

And paying our bills for one and stop bailing out people who failed and costs millions of people their jobs. And I would like us to become more free and have more freedom of choice in certain areas. But I truly love our Constitution and what America is about. To quote Ronald Reagan, just once I promise, in this blog, that America is a Shining Hill for the World to see. Actually I guess that would be a paraphrase, but you get the idea.

I have some advice for Senator Sanders, Representative Dennis Kucinich, the so-called Progressive Caucus in Congress and their Democratic Socialist followers. If you don't like the party meaning Democratic in this case, then get out go to another party or form your own party that better represents your own political values. A party that believes in centralized government, the welfare state, collectivism, a dovish foreign policy, and all the other policy's of democratic socialism. If you really believe the Democratic Party is corrupt and represents the wealthy and the elite at the expense of the rest, then leave the party. Why would anyone want to belong to a party like that, especially if they don't represent your values. Democratic Socialists represent 10-20% of the voting block in America, a new united Democratic Socialist Party would have a hell of a start right off the bat. And they have the public figures that can command the national media attention that they would need for their fundraising.

 Bernie Sanders, Dennis Kucinich, Ralph Nader, Michael Moore, Jane Shakowski, the Progressive Caucus and many others. This would be a major 3rd party that could develop if managed well. By people who understand money, which tends to be a weakness of Socialists. As a Democrat, if I agreed with Senator Sanders speech on the Senate floor today, I know I would leave the Democratic Party. Because the Democratic Party and the Barack Obama that he describes, is not the party and man that I know.