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Monday, July 30, 2012

Mike Papantonio: The Psychology of Republican Voters: Today's Republican Party

If you want to know what today's Republican Party is, look at the Democratic Party of the 1950s and 1960s. Thats today's Republican Party, the Southern Caucus that was so prevalent in Congress, especially in the Senate in the 1950s and 60s, is today's Republican Party. Made up of mostly Caucasian Southern Right Wingers that were anti Civil Rights and believed in States Rights, very Fiscally Conservative. And believed in what they call protecting what they see as American Values and if you didn't walk the line in what they see as American Values, you were somehow Un American. I just described today's Tea Party and in the mid to late 1970s, the Southern Caucus combined with the Religious Right and with Neoconservatives in the 1980s. With Economic Conservatives and you now see what makes up today's Republican Coalition and as bad of a Presidential Campaign that George Mcgovern. Ran in 1972, the one thing that he did accomplish was to form what makes up today's Democratic Party. Lyndon Johnson and George Mcgovern both saw in the late 1960s that Civil Rights was going to cost the Democratic Party the South and what Senator Mcgovern did as a response to that. Was to remake the Democratic Coalition, made up of Organize Labor, Racial and Ethnic Minorities, women, homosexuals, as well as the Northeast and West Coast.

One advantage that Republicans have over Democrats or Rightists over Leftists, is that Right Wingers tend to see things in black and white. Which makes communicating their message much simpler, they believe in Free Enterprise, low taxes, lower spending, Christianity, strong defense. And that anything that goes against what they see as traditional American Values or Traditionalism, they see as Un American again I just described today's Tea Party, thats made up of the. Old Southern Caucus, Religious Right, Neoconservatives and to a certain extent Economic Conservatives, the Mitt Romney's of the World that don't believe in Social Issues that much. And don't make them a big part of politics and since the Right Wing message is so simple and fairly consistent, except when it comes to Big Government its much easier for them to communicate their message. In quick sound bites TV spots, whereas Democrats tend to believe in similar things but have more of a complicated approach in how they accomplish these things.

To give you an example if you are a Republican, you believe in Economic Freedom. If you are a Democrat you also believe in Economic Freedom but the more left of center you are, the less Economic Freedom you believe in. And its not just Economic Freedom you believe in but you want an economy that works for everyone and not just the special few. Which Republicans call Big Government, that Democrats still haven't found an effective way to respond to that.