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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

C-SPAN: President Franklin Roosevelt’s 1933 Presidential Inauguration- The Father of Big Government Progressivism

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When Franklin Roosevelt became President in 1933, America was in the worst economic condition in its history, at least in the 20th Century. And since the Great Depression obviously and moved quickly to deal with it. With his New Deal agenda that was a collection of brand new social insurance programs from the Federal Government. Unemployment Insurance, Welfare Insurance, Social Security, public works programs and other programs and has been credited gor getting America out of the Great Depression. President FDR, is the father of the American safety net. A collections of Federal social programs to help people when they’re in need. And can’t financially support themselves.

President Roosevelt, should get credit for that, but not his New Deal getting us out of the Depression. By the time America got involved in World War II in 1941-42, we were still dealing with the Great Depression. And at best were going through a severe recession. We still had 20% unemployment and 50% poverty in the United States. By 1942, almost nine years after FDR became President. If you look at when the United States finally broke out of the Great Depression, it was during World War II and after World War II. That President Roosevelt committed us to, because of all the new jobs that opened up in America. With all the new military spending and work needed to produce those parts. And with everyone being drafted in the military. And with these workers going oversees, that opened up more jobs at home.

President Roosevelt, is one of the greatest president’s we’ve ever had. And deserves credit for it, but mainly because of his foreign policy success’. And also to call him a Liberal Democrat or even Progressive Democrat, just doesn’t fit. He was a Progressive on economic policy obviously. But had neoconservative leanings when it came to national security. With his detainment Camps for ethnic-Japanese, Italian and German-Americans. Because of their ethnicity. The Roosevelt Administration, inherited such a huge hole in the economy from the Hoover Administration and didn’t have a clear outlined agenda for exactly how they were going to deal with. They had a bunch of experiments and ideas, sure. But didn’t know exactly how they were going to respond to the Depression. And they did the best that they could to deal with it.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jon Bon Jovi: Video: It's My Life: Living Life Your Way as an Individual

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I’m not a big Jon Bon Jovi fan, but one song of his that I’m a big fan of is It's My Life. Because that song perfectly describes how I look at life. It's My Life, that tells me that I have to live it and I better be in charged of it. And not let others live my life for me, meaning being in charged of it. Because I’m the one that's going to have to deal with the consequences of it good or bad. So I better be the one making the decisions in it, calling the plays.

There few ways to be alive. The first one and unfortunately the most common one at least from my perspective, is living your life the way people around you want you to live your life. Living your life to make other people happy. This happens a lot when men who are looking to pass their business down to their kids. To run their business, whether their kids are interested in the business or not or even want to run the business. 
Another way to live your life is risk free take, no chances. Don’t do anything that can hurt you. You life your life that way, you may a live a long time if you don’t bore yourself to death. But you're probably not going to be very happy. To me that's being alive, but not living, which are two different things. The third way and the way I prefer to live my life and this starting during the Hippie Revolution, is to live your life by living it, living your life the way that makes you happy. 
Figuring out what you want to do with your life and then being as productive at that as possible. Whether that makes people around you happy or not. If they really love you and you're not hurting yourself and they understand that, they’ll be happy that you're happy. Even if what you're doing with your life is not how they would live their own lives. That's called living your life, not just being alive technically, but being alive emotionally as well. And that's what life is about to me. Because at the end of the day you're the one, that has to deal with the consequences of your own decisions. So make the best of them and make them.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Salon: Opinion: Steve Kornacki: The GOP's Emerging Bob Dole Problem

Salon: Opinion: Steve Kornacki: The GOP's Emerging Bob Dole Problem

This post was originally posted at FRS FreeStates on WordPress

Back in 1995-96 when I was really getting into the political junky scene and when I basically didn’t know squat about politics, hopefully I know more about politics now, but you can judge for yourself, I was following things like, the brand new Republican Congress. The first one since 1953, people like Newt Gingrich, who I knew as House Minority Whip (In english, the 2nd Ranking Minority Leader) I saw this guy who looked like one of the Founding Fathers. (or Founding Liberals) Seriously, all Newt needs is a Whig and maybe bring back the Whig Party and he would fit in perfectly with the Founding Fathers. (Founding Liberals)

And people would be saying when they see the former Speaker, turned nutty presidential candidate, “look its Thomas Jefferson!” And they would tell him, “damn you look great for someone who’s, I don’t know 270 years old” when. I’m not Tom Jefferson’s biographer, (there’s a news flash) and people have been burned by fire. (there’s the other news flash) I also new Bob Dole the new Senate Leader, but I knew him a little bit as Senate Minority Leader with the deficit reduction debate of 1993, the healthcare reform debate of 1993-94. I was following politics a little bit in high school, but not quite the political junky yet.

Sports was my first love growing up and paid most of my attention to that. I never saw Leader Dole as too old or not capable of the job. Or unintelligent, he was clearly a distinguished gentlemen in Congress. That term was invented for people like him, one of the most effective legislatures we’ve ever produced. But I did see him as out of touch in 1996 America that was basically happy as a country and at peace. And unless you’re drowning in your own scandals, If you’re the President, that benefits you.

Bob Dole probably made a mistake running for President in 1996. He wasn’t too old, but he was pass his time as far as where the country was. Who was President and the situation of the country and the fact that he was leading the opposition at a time when the country liked who was in charge. But that he should’ve won in 1988 and I agree with him there. The Bush attack machine took him down in South Carolina. Just like the Romney attack machine took down Newt Gingrich in Florida this year.

And had George H.W. Bush teams not done those things, chances are Bob Dole is the 1988 Republican nominee for president. And Mitt Romney is no longer the frontrunner this year. Mitt may be in third place right now, only ahead of a Libertarian. Leader Dole in 1996 was trying to convince the country of something they weren’t. Which was happy, unemployment 5%, high economic growth, falling budget deficit, the country was at peace.

In 2012 what Mitt Romney is trying to do is convince the country of something that Barack Obama isn’t. Soft on defense, socialistic, dictator, anti-American, wants to make the country like Europe etc. I’m not going to layout all the false charges, because hopefully you have better things to do with your time and I would like to keep you awake for the whole post, but you get the idea.

But to tell you this is exactly why the Far-Left doesn’t like President Obama, Occupy Wall Street, the so-called Progressive Caucus, MSNBC talk and company, the real socialist McGovernites in America, because Barack Obama isn’t any of these things that the Far-Left in America wants him to be. While at the same time, Mitt has been unable to convince the country why he should be President and stand up for himself. And answer the charges that are thrown at him. What he does instead is try to change the subject, with his attack machine. And he’s paying a heavy price for it.

Monday, February 13, 2012

I Love Janet & Michael Jackson: Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation Tour in Concert: Miss Rhythm Nation

Black Kitten-
Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Journal Plus

This weekend as music fans we’ve mourned the lost of Whitney Houston. Who I consider is the voice of at least my generation. And there’s a separate post about her today and I want to take the time with this blog, to share my thoughts about another very talented musical artist, who’s still alive and very well and from the same generation. Which is a credit to my generation, which is perhaps better known for our style and not substance.

But in Janet Jackson’s case she’s known and should be known for her great talent as a performer. As a singer and dancer and even a songwriter, but also one of the sexiest and best looking performers not only of our generation, but also ever. A women who combines, beautiful baby-face looks and with a great tight sexy body to go with it.

Janet Jackson has a keen intelligence, who knows the world around her. And what’s important and what she thinks about it and what she believes needs to be said. That perhaps isn’t said enough, overlooked perhaps, or communicated in a way where the most people possible can hear and understand it. This is what Janet Jackson is about and why she’s gone as far as she has to the point I believe her music and act, has topped her brother Michael.

But Janet probably doesn’t have the same popularity as far as the number of great songs she’s produced. She’s completely involved in producing her own music. Because she knows better than anyone what she’s trying to communicate. When I think of Janet Jackson and her music, I think of songs like Black Cat which is a great classic rock song. She performs this song as well as any classic rocker. Even though she’s basically a R&B Singer and a great one.

And that’s another thing about JJ, her versatility. Her ability to combine two great sounds into one song. Another song from JJ would be Love Will Never Do, again the same Rhythm Nation album. Twenty years later still her best album another very sexy video shot on a beach, the actual song Rhythm Nation. Where she sings about we are all members of the same world basically. So lets us make the most of it.

Janet Jackson combine both physical beauty, sex appeal, intelligence, talent. All into one package and can communicate all of these abilities as a singer, dancer and commentator on world events as well as can be done right now and one of the best ever. Whitney Houston is the voice of this generation, but Janet Jackson is the best spokesperson as far as how are generation looks at the World.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Curt Ammerman: Touch Me by Peace Frog- The Doors Cover Bands

Source:The Daily Journal Plus- 21st Century Lizard King
Source:The Daily Journal Plus

Even though The Doors lead vocalist Jim Morrison died forty years ago and would 68 today and probably still performing, had he grown up and decided to take care of himself like a lot of rockers from his generation, the ora or genre of Jim Morrison still lives on. Sort of like Elvis Presley, except there aren’t as many of any Jim Morrison witness’s today who claimed to see him alive today forty years after he died.

Unlike of course with Elvis, there people claiming to see Elvis alive. Practically everyday, but there’s sort of the next closest thing with the Lizard King. That’s people pretending to be him, with his classic look. The leather suit cowboy Boots, the concho belt, the long thick black hair. The whole package who are lead vocalists in bands. That are basically cover bands of The Doors, playing their music.

You have a guitarist doing his version of Robby Krieger, a drummer doing his impersonation of John Densmore, a Keyboard Player, doing his impression of Ray Manzarak. But of course the guy who gets the most intention, is the person playing the Lizard King. And there several different versions of The Doors cover bands. Even a Mexican Doors band, with Mexican Lizard King, who has the whole look down. As well as the voice, playing The Doors music, I follow them on YouTube and they do a great job.

The original Lizard King and Jim Morrison will always be the Lizard King. The man who put skin-tight leather jeans on the map, who made leather suits, cowboys boots, concho belts fashionable and mainstream. To the point where a lot of rockers especially the headbangers, but classic rockers and rocker chicks like Melissa Etheridege, Meredith Brooks, Joan Jett and rocker guys, The Scorpions, Aerosmith are all now and have been wearing leather jeans with Biker or cowboy boots, with metal belts.

Modern rockers wear these outfits and move very well in them, like they are wearing a basketball uniform. And to a certain extent at least Jim Morrison wasn’t afraid to look crazy on stage in concert or in public. Or when he was so drunk he couldn’t tell the difference. But he always has fans that love him so much, with YouTube channels, Facebook pages, other websites, to the point that they’ll do their best job they can being him.

Jim Morrison died at the age of 27, which is a damn shame considering his talent and brilliance. But his legacy will always live on and there will always be guys carrying on the Lizard King as if he didn’t die. To keep his memory going and which is something that’s also part of Jim Morrison’s legacy.
Curt Ammerman: Touch Me- Peace Frog: Jim Morrison and The Doors- Cover Band

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Free OJ: Video: The Doors, When The Music’s Over: Jim Morrison and The Doors

Source: The Doors- The Lizard King Jim Morrison 
Source: FRS Daily Journal Plus

The 1960s was an incredible decade for the Boomer Generation and everyone else. With the Civil Rights Movement, the anti-war movement and all other political movements on the left-wing in America. And also a great decade for pop culture and Rock and Roll. Especially with Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Hendrix, but one band that stood out for me, The Doors.

The Doors I believe represented the Boomer Generation as well as it could be represented. The Doors who became famous in the late 1960s after being together for a few years. And one member of that band that stood out the most was Jim Morrison. Who was what he called himself, a Rock and Roll Poet. Who use his music to communicate how he felt about life and what was going on in his life.

As well as being called the Lizard King, for the way Morrison moved and his wardrobe. With his go to black snake skin leather suits. With the snake skin leather suit jackets. And his black snake skin skin-tight leather jeans. That would definitely be called leather jeans today. There’s only one Jim Morrison. Morrison put leather pants on the map in Rock and Roll. Leather pants weren’t common back then with Rockers.

Even denim pants probably weren’t that common either. As they both are today with male and female Rockers. Jim Morrison put leather on the map in Rock and Roll. But also changed what a lead vocalist is supposed to be, which is the leader of the band. Jim Morrison was a lot of things both good and bad. He had a lot of talent and ability as a singer and writer. The ability to be honest about himself and how he saw the World. Who put everything on the line whether everyone liked it or not.

The Lizard King had a lot of intelligence and could communicate exactly how he felt. But he was also an alcoholic, fit the drunk Irishman stereotype like a glove. Who didn’t seem to be able to tell himself he had enough. And would even perform drunk and drink on stage and do crazy things. Like crash to the floor, but was so good of a performer, if anything the alcohol made his performances even better. He picked out his own outfits like the leather suits. Where from 1967-69, was his main outfit on stage and in public as well.

He wore his leathers, cowboy boots, concho Belt everywhere. As a way to draw attention from women on himself and it worked perfectly. So The Doors had this crazy, but brilliant lead vocalist. But with an excellent supporting cast around him. Ray Manzarak on keyboard, Robby Kryger on guitar and John Densmore on drums.

The Doors were like a great football team, with a clear leader. And supporting cast that backed the leader up and all doing their parts to make the team as good as it cane be. So they can be as successful as they can be. And had Jim Morrison not died prematurely in 1970 at the age on 27, they are might still be in business today. Like some other bands from their generation headed to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.