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Sunday, December 2, 2012

CBS News: 60 Minutes: Steve Croft: Hospitals: The Cost of Admission: Why the American Healthcare System is So Expensive

This whole report by CBS's 60 Minutes, the best news magazine ever created and not just because of this report. Is exactly why the American healthcare system is so expensive, because instead of paying for the quality of healthcare. We receive as a country, we pay for the amount of healthcare we receive as a country, another words we subsidize. Quantity of healthcare over quality of healthcare and we do it through our own tax dollars through Medicare and Medicaid. Perhaps the two largest health insurers in the country, private or public, what we should be doing is paying. Hospitals and doctors and giving patients money back, based on how healthy they are, the quality of healthcare. That they receive, instead of how often they need to see their doctor or how much medicine or healthcare they need. In order to live, Senator Tom Harkin whose Chairman of the Labor Committee, sums this whole discussion up perfectly. When he says that America doesn't have a healthcare system but that we have a sickcare system instead. We pay for people to be sick and need healthcare, rather then paying for people to live healthy and not need as much healthcare.

The good news is we don't have to have a sickcare system, we are Americans we can fix anything we screw up. We can also screw up anything we do well but lets look at the positive aspect of this for a moment. We could stop subsidizing hospitals and doctors for the amount of healthcare that they deliver and instead subsidize. Them for how healthy their patients are, we could save both Medicare and Medicaid hundreds of billions of dollars. Just by doing this and subsidize when they treat people out of the hospital, when they don't need a hospital stay. And penalize them when they admit people to hospitals that could be treated out of the hospital. And then do something else about preventive care, start taxing unhealthy behavior instead of trying to outlaw it. Which is what New York City is trying to do and force people who live unhealthy pay for their own. Healthcare rather then passing those costs onto to healthy people and start subsidizing people who live healthy.

What we need to do as a country, is not limit choice and freedom and far as how people pay for their healthcare. But move away from the sickcare system that we have and move to a healthcare as as well as preventive care system. And start treating people to the point they get better rather then treating them for the amount of healthcare they receive. And have a healthier population all together because we subsidize healthy people and penalize unhealthy people.

Al Jazeera: Italy's Democratic Party Chooses New Leader

As a Liberal Democrat in America, I'm glad to see that Italy has a Democratic party