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Thursday, December 1, 2011

"Having More Than 7 Days Of Food Makes You A Suspect": Why Sen. Rand Paul makes sense

When I first about Rand Paul even though he's the son Rep. Ron Paul a Libertarian Republican Member of the House. And heard about Dr. Paul being elected to the US Senate and heard about some of the things he said. Like on the Civil Rights Acts of the 1960s, I thought great not seriously, another Jim DiMint Religious or Neoconservative coming to Congress. Someone who's very articulate about Economic Liberty and Fiscal Responsibility. And someone who believes people should have all of the Economic Liberty. They want but will try to tell us how to live our lives, what we can do at home etc. For example Sen. DiMint coming out in favor of making adultery a Federal Crime, which he did in late 2010. As well as a ban against pornography, unlike Sen. Paul's father Rep. Paul who's a Classical Libertarian and a big believer in Individual Liberty period. But when you hear Sen. Paul speak out against the War in Afghanistan and Iraq, saying its time that we bring our troops home. And you hear him speak out against the Patriot Act and Indefinite Detention of American Citizens, which is what Sen. Mike Lee another republican did today as well. They both making the case that sacrificing Individual Liberty for National Security, is not a good deal. That we can't have National Security without Individual Liberty, that makes me feel good to be wrong about something. Because there he sounds more like a Libertarian like his father or at least like a Classical Conservative. Like former Sen. Barry Goldwater, unlike both Sen. John McCain Ranking Member of the Armed Services Committee. And Sen. Lindsay Graham who I generally respect but they both have sounded like Neoconservatives in this debate.

We tried Neoconservatism with the Bush Administration for eight years when it came to National Security and everything else. And yes we haven't been attacked inside the United States and President Bush deserves some credit for it. But we've paid a heavy price for it, economically, fiscally, our reputation in the World. And I would argue we've had some of our Civil Liberties stripped from us as well, with TSA and Indefinite Detention of americans. Some of the Anti Terrorist methods we've used against Foreign Terrorists Suspects as well as apparently American Terrorists Suspects as well. And these same tactics can now be used, the Indefinite Detention, torture can now be used and will be used against American Soldiers as well. Which used to be Sen. McCain's position when he would argue against torture but apparently now he's had a change of heart. And when they are I can guarantee you whoever is President then, as well as Neoconservatives in Congress and out of Congress. Will be calling those tactics used against American Soldiers torture, I'll bet you anything on that. What are they going to say, its not torture when its used against Non American Terrorists Suspects. But when they are used by Foreign Governments against americans it is torture. They won't have a credible argument.

We didn't elect Barack Obama as a country President as well as Democrats in Congress, to have another four years of a Neoconservative Administration. And I'll give Dick Durbin the Deputy Leader of the Senate and my favorite Member of the Senate credit. He's been out front and outspoken against Indefinite Detention and Torture against americans and Foreign Suspects. He's a real Liberal Democrat like myself and speaks about these issues not just as a liberal but from his heart. Because he feels very strongly about these things but its time that other Democratic and Republican Members of Congress do the same thing as well.