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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sam Seder: Why Paul Ryan is a Gift to Progressives: How Progressives can Save The Social Insurances They Love

If Paul Ryan is not enough motivation for Progressive Democrats to get out of their coffee houses and Union Halls or wherever they hang out at. To turn out and vote for President Obama for reelection in November, then I really don't know what the Hell will get them out and vote for the President and don't understand Progressive Democrats at all. Rather then voting for the Green Party that will be lucky to get 1% of the vote or sitting on their asses and not voting at all and bitching that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are. Evil but President Obama is a Corporatecrat or however they view him and we can't make a difference and so be it. For me as a Liberal Democrat voting for President Obama in 2012, is similar to why I voted for him in 2008. The best available Presidential Candidate available to vote for and its that simple, a lot of times the reason why I vote for people. Has to do with that reason, not because I exactly like that candidate or incumbent and sometimes I get to vote for people I actually like, like for Representative and Governor , Chris Vanhollen and Martin O'Malley of Maryland. As far a I'm concern and of course this not enforceable but if you don't vote, you don't have a credible right to complain. Because you didn't do your part to make things better.

A vote for the Romney/Ryan Ticket or not voting at all from a Democratic perspective, whether, you are left in my case, far left in other cases or middle. Is a vote for President Romney and a Tea Party Congress and from my perspective, further eroding of our Individual Freedom. With a boat load of Constitutional Amendments to come down the pike sponsored by Neoconservatives to do this. And if you are a Progressive, you should be worried about hopefully the things I just mentioned but also eroding of the Safety Net and the Federal Government as it relates to Social Insurance. Something else Democrats should be worried about with a President Romney and a Tea Party Congress, are Middle Class Tax Hikes that are already in the Romney Tax Plan. Putting more of the Tax Burden on the people who can at least afford to pay for it, thats why voting for the President is so critical.

2012 is not a Presidential Election that Liberal and Progressive Democrats can afford to sit out. Especially Progressives, Liberals will be there but the question is whether Progressives will be there, Paul Ryan will do his part to hurt the Republican Ticket enough and so will Mitt Romney will do his. But that all means nothing if Progressive Democrats don't show up to the polls and vote for President Obama.