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Monday, November 19, 2012

ForaTV: Asa Hutchinson: "Legalizing Drugs Would Create Widespread Social Problems"

This is exactly why drug warriors the supporters of the War on Drugs in America are losing ground and. Why people who want a more thoughtful, realistic approach other then narcotics are bad and must remain illegal! Because whenever there's talk about reforming or ending the War on Drugs, I'm for personally ending it which I'll get into later. The drug warriors automatically take it to the extreme, you legalize this and all of these social problems will happen as a result. People showing up to work high, getting into car accidents because they are high and so fourth. Apparently unaware that a lot of Americans actually have judgement and are familiar with things like. Alcohol and tobacco and even marijuana for people who smoke it illegally and know what's an appropriate. Amount of those drugs is acceptable to take without hurting our awareness to make key decisions the right way.

Thats just one example of why the drug warriors are losing and then you get into the stupidity and hypocrisy. Of their arguments, narcotics are dangerous and bad so we must lockup people and send them to places that. Are worst for their health then narcotics, for their own good, its like telling your kid you shouldn't ride your bike without a helmet and if you do. I'll break your leg so you can't ride again, thats the stupidity of the drug warrior argument and then there's. Hypocrisy, these narcotics are illegal, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, meth but tobacco and alcohol and some prescription drugs. That have also caused pain and damage to society are legal, people have actually died from prescription drug overdoses. The LA Times had a piece about that last week and the argument there is we can't criminalize everything which is not an argument. The real argument is that legal drugs have lobbyists.

I'm not calling for legalizing all narcotics, I would legalize marijuana and then go from there, at. Least let the states figure these things out for themselves and then at least look into decriminalizing other narcotics. And get addicts into drug rehab at their expense not jail or prison but we should at least be able to agree. As a country that the War on Drugs is at least not working and that we need a much different and better approach.