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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

MidweekPolitics: "President Obama Has a Huge Mandate"

Whatever mandate President Obama may or may have not of won last week, has to do with raising taxes. On the wealthy to pay for deficit reduction, which is why you already see Congressional Republicans in the House and Senate. Saying new revenue has to be on the table to pay for deficit reduction, the other mandate has to do with working with the Republican House. To deal with the issues of the country, the same mandate that House and Senate Republicans that were reelected won. As well and thats where it pretty much ends, Americans want an effective government not gridlock or. Dysfunctional government and they don't trust either party enough to give them all of the power, so they want. Democrats and Republicans to work together, President Obama understands this and hopefully he also understands that in this new environment. He should be able to get some things that he wants, like new revenue and hopefully new infrastructure investment.

What President Obama hopefully also understands is that he doesn't have to give Republicans everything. They want in return either, savings in Social Security and Medicare but not try to completely privatize them either. Or new tax cuts for the wealthy, that will only go to the wealthy for the most part, that both parties get some big things that they want. But since President Obama was reelected, he doesn't have to give them everything that they want. He's going to have to work with House Republicans, just for the simple fact that half of the country voted. For someone else for President last Tuesday.