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Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Supreme Court Sides with Corporatization of Medicine": Now The Socialist Reaction to The Supreme Court Decision on The ACA

Just to start off I want to make a correction in what Dr. Margaret Flowers said, when she said that. The United States should move to a Healthcare System, that the rest of the Industrialized World has, which is run by the government, at least as it relates to Health Insurance. Which I pointed out last night, where both France and Germany, have Healthcare Systems, that cost half of America's but both have a private Health Insurance Industry. Dr. Flowers is a MD and should know better then that and stop trying to make the argument that America should move to have the same Healthcare System as the rest of the Industrialized World. Because there's no such thing, because the rest of the Industrialized World has different Healthcare Systems. They may be similar but its different from one another, what Dr. Flowers is talking about, is a Healthcare System where essentially the government. Runs the Healthcare System, another words Socialize Medicine, which is what Britain, Sweden and Denmark have, three countries with a combine population of roughly 75M people. The Industrialize World consists of North America, parts of South America, Europe, parts of Arabia and parts of Asia, roughly 3B people.

The reaction I heard from Dr. Margaret Flowers and others, is what I expected because they were hoping to be able to make the case that since the Affordable Care Act has been thrown out. Now we have to have Medicare For All, eliminate the Health Insurance Industry and require everyone to be on Medicare. Ralph Nader admitted that over a year ago and since thats not the case, it makes making that argument more difficult. Because the ACA shows a way where we can get to Universal Health Insurance, without eliminating choice in how people get their Health Insurance. As well as the Tax Credit for individuals and employers to help them purchase Health Insurance for themselves and their employers, that we could get damn close to Universal Coverage, as well as expanding Medicaid if its paid for. Just with the ACA as it stands. So the ACA being upheld is a lost for Progressives at least in that sense but a big victory for Liberals.

As I've blogged before the ACA doesn't go far enough, I don't want a Medicare For All Health Insurance System. And I want to preserve choice in how we pay for our Healthcare, as long as we pay for our Healthcare but the ACA puts us in position to eventually get to Universal Healthcare. Where everyone has the ability to pay for their Healthcare without passing those costs onto others and we could finish the job later on with a Public Option not Mandate in Health Insurance. Which is one reason why the 2012 elections are so important.