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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Health Care Reform Rep. Anthony Weiner from 2009: Public Option vs Mandate

What then Rep. Anthony Weiner, great name by the way except when you hold Public Office. And his allies were arguing for in the 2009-10 Healthcare Reform Debate. Compared with what President Obama, myself and his allies were arguing for Healthcare Reform. The Public Option vs Medicare For All Single Payer, may sound similar but its actually very different. A Public Option would be a new Independent Public Non Profit Self Financed Health Insurer. Vs Medicare For All a Public Mandate, what's the difference you may ask. In case its not obvious enough, Option vs Mandate. With the Public Option people would be able to keep their current Health Insurance or Health Savings Account. Or dump that for the Public Option and people who currently can't afford to pay for their Healthcare. Would get a Tax Credit to help pay for their Health Insurance, which is in the 2010 Affordable Care Act. Vs a Public Mandate, outlawing Private Health Insurers, forcing people to get on Medicare. Whether they want it or need it or not, its that simple, its about Freedom of Choice in Healthcare and Health Insurance. Vs taking some of our Freedom of Choice away from us in Healthcare and forcing to take and pay for Medicare. Whether we want it or not and anytime the debate is centered around those terms. Freedom of Choice always wins in America because Americans generally don't want Big Government. Telling them how to live their lives especially as it gets to Healthcare.

Actually to one extent Freedom of Choice lost in this debate. Because the Public Option wasn't part of the final Affordable Care Act. And thats why a Public Option again an Independent Public Self Financed Health Insurer. It wouldn't be run by the Federal Government or any Government and we wouldn't just has to have one Public Option. You could have fifty Public Options in America added on to Medicare and Medicaid. For each State and if the debate was framed in these terms and early on and President Obama. Was more forceful in the debate instead of waiting for the Democratic Congress. To screw up the debate and let the Tea Party and Congressional Republicans put the debate on their terms. Before he made a forceful presence in the debate, which came in like February 2010 when. He had that Public Meeting between the Democratic and Republican Congressional Leaderships. Maybe the Public Option would've been part of the final 2010 ACA. But of course we'll never know that but if President Obama is reelected in 2012, he could get another opportunity. To make a strong play for a Public Option, depending on how strong is mandate is after the 2012 Presidential Election.

There way to many abuses in the Private Health Insurance Market, even conservatives will acknowledge that. Which is another reason why a Public Option and Patient Bill of Rights are so important. A PBR was is in the 2010 ACA, Public Option was dropped and had the debate been framed and argued better. And not wait so long for the Final Agreement, they would probably both be in the ACA today.