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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Al Jazeera: Greek Unemployment to Top Spain

A big problem that Greece has right now with its deficit and debt, is that their government is simply. Too big doing too much for the Greek people, Greeks expect way too much from their government, which might be find when times are good and maybe they can bring in the taxes. To pay for it but when times are bad or real bad, it leads to high debt and deficits because the economy. Is way too slow to finance such a large Socialist Government that Greece has, which means they are being. Forced to not only cut the size of the Greek Government but to reform it so the Greek people are doing more for themselves and being less dependent on the Greek Government to support. Their lives but the good news is that with more privatization, comes more Tax Revenue to fund the things. That the Greek Government should be doing for its people, so Greece right now needs to cut, reform. And generate more Economic Growth so more Greeks are working and collecting less Public Assistance.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

BraveNewFoundation: Former Prosecutor John Amabile: "Drug Policy Kills More People Than The Drugs Themselves"

If you add up all of the people we lose in the War on Drugs, from people who get shot in the streets. Over it or even get shot by Law Enforcement Officer prosecuting this War or the people we lose to prison each year who never come out the same as when they went in. And generally come out worse or better criminals then when they went in, it wouldn't surprise me that we lose every year. More people to the War on Drugs, then we lose people to illegal narcotics in America, the War on Drugs. Is really more a War on people who use or sell illegal narcotics, we arrest and put people away and in a lot of case for long sentences for simply possessing or using illegal narcotics. We arrest and lockup people for what they do to themselves and we arrest and lockup people for. Selling illegal narcotics, selling a product that we clearly have a large market for in America or we. Wouldn't be fighting this so called war for now over forty years and working with other countries to keep these illegal narcotics out of the country in the first place.

How America deals with narcotics should be done with two principles in mind, Freedom of Choice meaning. That adults are smart enough to make these decisions for themselves instead of Uncle Sam making these decisions for them and that regulation and taxation would be a better way to control. Narcotics then locking up people for what they do to themselves is wrong on many levels. Rehabilitation for the users of narcotics who are addicted, not incarceration, unless they commit another felony while under the influence. I'm not say I'm for full legalization of narcotics in America but taxation, regulation and decriminalization would be a much more effective approach.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Al Jazeera: Official Promise Fails to Halt China Protests

Good to see the Chinese being able to protest anything

TheLipTV: "Three Strikes Corruption", Prop 36 with Donald M. Re on Media Mayhem

In 1994 President Clinton and a Democratic Congress passed the 1994 Crime bill, that had what's known as a Three Strikes Law. Which is people would get Three Strikes and these Strikes have to do with people who commit violent felons, once they are convicted of a Third Strike, they would automatically. Be sentenced to 25-Life in prison, they would be eligible for parole after serving twenty five years in prison. I support this law as a way to reduce violent crime in America and if you look at that law and the crime rate, especially the violent crime rate before Bill Clinton became. President in 1993, the 1980s and early 1990s and what the crime and violent crime rate was when President Clinton left office in 2001, you can see this approach worked, because we were getting. Violent felons off of the streets and in prison for long term sentences, so they couldn't victimize innocent people on the streets.

What I'm not in favor if, is applying Three Strikes to non violent felonies, we've found that people who. Have been arrested for possessing illegal narcotics, are now facing long term sentences for those crimes, for simply possessing illegal narcotics. And thats just one example of why we have too many people in prison in America because we have people doing long term sentences who don't represent. Serious threats to society, so thats something we need to change as it apples to Three Strikes.

AlterNet: Alex Kane: "Mitt Romney's Terrifying Plans For FEMA and Disaster Relief"

Mitt Romney's Terrifying Plans for FEMA and Disaster Relief | Alternet

Looks like I might of found something I agree with Mitt Romney on and perhaps the only thing we agree on. In this Presidential Election, which would give States and Locals more flexibility and authority to respond to disasters, natural and man made. Governments who are right on the scene and can see exactly what's going on, instead of having to call FEMA or the Federal Emergency Management Agency. They would already have the resources and money to deal with these issues and for the States and Locals that. Don't have those resources even after decentralizing FEMA, they get hit by a huge storm and couldn't if possibly had all of the resources to adequately respond to it or perhaps are a poor State or community. Then the Federal Government could come in and assist them, give them the money to deal with the disaster at hand.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Al Jazeera: News Bulletin: Terrorist Bombings in Nigeria and Syria

What kinda sick bastard would bomb churches where they know a lot of innocent people will be

ABC News: Special Report, 10/25/2002: Death of Senator Paul Wellstone: The Legacy of Paul Wellstone

I wanted to write a blog last week about the late Senator Paul Wellstone, on the anniversary of the. Death of Paul Wellstone but I had a hectic week that even took me away from blogging for a day and had other things to write about and I'm going off of a memory from ten years ago about how I. Felt about Senator Wellstone but what I remember about Senator Wellstone from 2002, is the same man I remember about him from 1996 when I first heard his name and saw the Progressive Democrat get elected. To the US Senate from Minnesota, a State that clearly leans Democratic but doesn't go very far to the left or right, one thing that made Senator Wellstone incredible, because he clearly. Wasn't a Centrist or a Moderate-Liberal but a hard core Progressive Democrat who was proud of his ideology and articulated it very well, I didn't agree with him on much as it related to. Economic Policy but at least I always knew what he believed and the guy I remember from 2002, is the same guy I remember when I first heard of him in 1996. As probably the most Progressive Senator in Congress and one of the most Progressive Members of Congress period, as well as one of the. Most honest Members of Congress as well.

There are several things I respect about Senator Wellstone and they all get back to why he was a Senator. That politics and government were about the people, how can we best serve the people to help them make their lives as good as possible, especially for people who aren't doing as well. As the rest of the country, he was about country meaning America and the American people, he wasn't anti success or anti wealth but he believed that all Americans should have the opportunity. To do as well as the special few and that wealth shouldn't be concentrated in a few hands but wanted an Economic System that worked for the whole country. Whether you agree with the policies that he favored to accomplish that or not, thats what he believed in, he was called the first member of the. 1960s generation to be elected to the Senate, which would've been 1990, not a direct quote but pretty close. He had sorta this hippy boomer idea that American Capitalism wasn't the problem but that it had to work for everyone, not just the special few.

Two things I think of when I think about Senator Paul Welltone, his opposition to the Iraq War back. Before it became unpopular and arguing that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 and it would take our focus off of Al Qaeda and his opposition to No Child Left Behind in 2002 again while that. Bill was still popular, saying that it would lead to more Unfunded Mandates onto the States and make it harder for States to fund Public Education, he was write on both fronts and thats. The mark of a great Leader someone whose right about issues and can express their views on them, when they are popular or unpopular.

Mike Gardner: NBC News- Lyndon Johnson's Last Day as President in 1969

Source: Mike Gardner- President Lyndon B. Johnson, leaving The White House in 1969 
Source:FRS Daily Journal

I'm guessing Lyndon Johnson was ready to leave the presidency and had enough. 1966, was  a really rough year for President Johnson and the Johnson Presidency. House Democrats, lose over forty seats in the House and three in the Senate. Because of the Vietnam War and how unpopular it was. Plus with the Republican Party and House Republicans, finally figuring out how to campaign and win in the South. Richard Nixon of course was a huge help there and he campaigned for a lot of House Republicans and House Republican candidates and did that in the South. Which helped him with his 1968 presidential campaign with all of these new Freshman Republican Representatives, who now owed him favors.

1967, the war gets even worst for the Johnson Administration in Vietnam. And now he's having a lot of problems with his own party in Congress. Starting with Senate Democrats holding Vietnam War hearings that started in 1965, but continued through the next Congress in 1967. Several Senate Democrats are now weighing presidential bids against their party leader in President Johnson. Like Robert Kennedy, Eugene McCarthy and George McGovern. The anti-war movement and the New-Left emerges in the late 1960s. And they're against President Johnson and calling him a war criminal, and war monger and a few things that you can't say on network TV, even today.

1968, was the topper with LBJ now being the most unpopular elected politician in America. And now there's talk if he can even win the Democratic nomination for president, let alone with the presidency against Richard Nixon, Nelson Rockefeller, or George Romney, in the Republican Party. By March 1968, President Johnson decides that he's had enough and doesn't want to run for reelection and announces that to the country. But 1968 is just getting started with two great political leaders, Senator Robert Kennedy, and Dr. Martin King, both being assassinated. There racial riots in Chicago, Detroit and Los Angeles. The Democratic Party, is now divided between their mainstream Progressives, which LBJ represents and their Far-Left. LBJ, was really smart not to run for reelection in 1968.
Mike Gardner: NBC News- Lyndon Johnson's Last Day as President

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Al Jazeera: Longer Lives For Women Smokers Who Quit Early

Cutting back on smoking is just one way America can cut its healthcare costs, without sacrificing freedom. Not by banning smoking just discouraging people from smoking all together, start with adolescents, as well as adults who've already started smoking, by simply saying to them. That if you choose to smoke, you do it at your own risk and no one else's, that people who've chosen not to. Smoke are no longer going to be forced to subsidize the poor health choices of people who have chosen to smoke. And you do this in a couple of ways, first through Anti Smoking Campaigns, Public Service Announcements that sorta of thing and forcing people who have chosen to smoke, to pay for the. Healthcare that they are going to need as a result of their smoking, instead of giving them free healthcare at emergency rooms, you have them pay for their own healthcare that will be needed as. A result of their smoking, through tobacco taxes, tax tobacco to the point that it can cover or at least cover most of the healthcare costs that come from smoking.

PoliticalArticles: MSNBC Hardball: Dirtballs: Sununu, Trump, Palin Amp Up Attacks to Benefit Mitt Romney

When attacks get this nasty from whoever they come from and from whatever side, it just shows you how. Desperate and worried they are about losing, all of these Right Wing attacks that are aimed at President Obama. Are targeted towards people who are called Reagan Democrats, Working Class Americans who aren't thrilled about President Obama.

S. Palmer: Grace Kelly- The American Princess

Source: S. Palmer- The Amazing Grace Kelly 
Source:The Daily Journal Plus

The United States has never really ever had official princess’s. The closest we get to that, is the First Lady of the United States, of course the wife of the President of the United States. And in many ways our First Lady, plays the role of a Princess. Someone without official power as it relates to government, but someone who represents the country wherever they go and does have the power to focus on causes she believes in. And push for things to advance whatever cause they believe in. Without the ability to officially require the President or Congress to draft legislation in behalf of their cause.

But the First Lady can bring attention and awareness to whatever cause or causes they believe in. With First Lady Michelle Obama its fighting against obesity in America. for First Lady Nancy Reagan it was fighting against illegal narcotics and drug abuse. But Grace Kelly is about the closest America has ever produced in coming up with a private Princess. Someone who possessed incredible beauty, hotness ) to be blunt or more accurate ) , baby-face adorable looks, incredible sex appeal. As well as the ability to act and sing and work with some of the best people who’ve ever worked in show business.
S. Palmer: Grace Kelly- American Princess

Friday, October 26, 2012

RTAmerica: The Big Picture: "Greeks Horrified. as Universal Healthcare is Dismantled"

Maybe Greece will move to design their Healthcare System like France, where the French get to decide. For themselves how and who they pay for their healthcare as long as they pay for it, meaning they pay for their Health Insurance and they have the choice of buying the Public Option. Which is what Democrats wanted to do in America in 2009-10 or they can purchase private Health Insurance. The fact is there is no such thing as free healthcare, you pay for it out of pocket, you purchase Health Insurance, you pay for it out of your savings or you pay for it through taxes. But the fact is you pay for your healthcare and its just a matter of how you pay for it and maybe this. Will give the Hellenic Republic of Greece and opportunity to realize that their Social Government is simply too big and there's a limit to what the Greek Government can do for its people. With their money and they'll empower Greeks to be able to make more decisions with their own lives.

The Nation: Buddy Roemer: "Banks Need to Put the Customer First"

Governor Roemer sorta guilty of stating the obvious here but he's correct, big banks need to put their customers. First or least calculate them in their profit motive thinking and they'll make more money at the end of the day, because more people would want to do business with them.

POLIPOP! Caffeinated With John Fugelsang- Mitt Romney vs. The GOP

POLIPOP! Caffeinated With John Fugelsang- Mitt Romney vs. The GOP

A President Mitt Romney and I doubt this would ever happen, but if it did it would be better for comedians. Because he's a gaffe and flip-flopping machine, that would provide comedians and bloggers mountains of material to make fun of him. Every comedian in America should endorse Mitt Romney for president for their own careers. Because they would make all the material they had against George W. Bush look as original as the New York Yankees winning the World Series, or Lebron James playing in the NBA Finals and losing. Because when it comes to taking political positions for Mitt, it depends on which group he's talking to and which Mitt is speaking to that group. Businessman Mitt, religious fundamentalist Mitt, Neoconservative Mitt, or whoever Mitt is when he's not running for whatever political office he's interested in at the time.

The fact that someone like Mitt Romney who flips backs and forth more often than tennis balls at a tennis match, could win the Republican nomination for president, is like a quarterback winning the starting position for an expansion team.

"Since no one else seriously tried out and you haven't done any time in any mental institutions and don't see same-sex marriage as a threat national security, we'll give the job to you. And good luck to you as we're more interested in 2016 anyway. When we might have at least on candidate who can actually win." Mitt Romney won the GOP presidential nomination, because he seemed like the only person who was sane to the GOP establishment and would embarrass them the least and not cost them the House of Representatives. Which they can't afford to lose in 2012.

So yeah, a President Mitt Romney (I'm shitting bricks just saying that) would have been great for comedy and blogging interesting. Especially bloggers who right comedy and I'm one of them. But bad for the American people, because for them to have any idea what their President thinks about any issue, they would have to listen and read every single he says. Because his positions could change the next time he opens his mouth about anything depending on who he's talking to. And what the polls in the Republican Party are saying.

President Romney Senior Adviser- Aw Mr. President, your current position on that issue is not popular.

President Romney- Okay, I'll change it.

Senior Adviser- But you just took that position yesterday.

Romney-  So what! I'm speaking to Americans. Their memories aren't that long anyway."

That is what a President Romney would be like. Who knows what the President, because he doesn't even know. Great for comedy, but bad for the country.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

RT-America: Hosts Third-Party Presidential Debate on Foreign Policy

I'm not trying to take credit for this but I did suggest in at least a couple of blogs the last few. Weeks that networks should be hosting President Debates made up of the third party candidates , because we do need more choice in this huge country of 320M people. Thats as politically diverse as we are and are all over the political spectrum.

BraveNewFoundation: Beyond Bars

I like this approach because rehabilitation is sorta like learning a different language, the earlier. In life you do that, the easier it will be and once someone is already part of the Criminal Justice System, its hard to get them out and prevent them from going back in. But if you can prevent so called Risk at Youth from going into the Criminal Justice System, through what's called. Crime Prevention which targets Risk at Youth, making sure they are getting the education that they need, with things like extra tutoring that they may need or after school programs, again so. They can get extra help, supporting their parents so they can do the best job possible in raising their own kids, helping them get a job or a better job through Job Training, so they don't have. To live in high crime neighborhoods with high poverty, we can prevent Risk at Youth from having to go into the Criminal Justice System in the first place.

CBPP: Policy Basics: Where Do Our Federal Tax Dollars Go?

Our Federal Tax Revenue goes to pay for defense, entitlements and payments to on our national debt. Thats what most of the Federal Budget funds, with money left over to cover things like education, agriculture assistance, environmental protection and other programs.

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Daily Beast: Newsbeast: The Kings of Pot

People turning out to vote for marijuana legalization, should favor President Obama, even though the President. Doesn't officially support marijuana legalization himself but people who support this, tend to be young people who lean Democratic.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

ABC News: Good Morning America: George McGovern Dead: Former US Senator, 1972 Democratic Presidential Nominee Dead at 90

I wrote a blog about George McGovern on Friday but again he's worth several blogs, articles, books, documentaries even. Because he was a true Public Servant and lived a great life a great man, the positive aspects of George McGovern, were that he said what he believed and knew to be the. Truth, he didn't poll test his arguments but he said what came from his heart and brain, based on his own vast experience, whether it was on Foreign Policy, someone who was a World War II veteran. A pilot in World War II, he could speak about the dangers of war and why some wars were wrong, because he went through that experience himself, he could talk about the costs of war, unlike. Someone who decided they are now a pacifist but has no experience in Foreign Policy to speak of, George McGovern brought experience and judgement to these issues, because he lived through. Them and knew when it was a good time to use Military Force and when the United States should backup, the same experience that John Kerry brought to Foreign Policy, when he ran for President. In 2004, the only really negative thing I would say about George McGovern, was the he was basically the Dennis Kucinich of his time, someone who could work with others to pass legislation. Something Representative Kucinich doesn't have much experience in doing but how he was similar to Representative Kucinich, was that he had a tendency to look at the World. They way he wanted it to be rather then how it was, so his policies had a tendency to look unrealistic.

Al Jazeera: Significance of Cuba's Municipal Elections

Just the fact that Cuba is having elections at all, is a big deal, even if only Communists or Socialists can run for office.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Democracy Now: Amy Goodman- 'As George McGovern Nears Death, How Antiwar Candidate Challenged Vietnam'

Source:Democracy Now- Senator George McGovern, running for President in 1972.
"In a Democracy Now! special, we look at the life and legacy of Sen. George McGovern, best known for running on an anti-war platform as the Democratic challenger to President Richard Nixon in the 1972 presidential election. A family spokesperson confirms the 90-year-old McGovern is no longer responsive and is "at the end stages of his life." He has been in hospice care in South Dakota since Monday, suffering from a combination of age-related medical conditions that have worsened in recent months.

McGovern ran against Nixon in 1972 on a platform of withdrawing U.S. troops from Vietnam, reducing defense spending, and providing amnesty to those who evaded the draft. Although he ultimately lost his election bid by a landslide, McGovern shattered the consensus in Capitol Hill around the Vietnam War as one of the first senators to speak out against the war. As a decorated World War II pilot who flew B-24 bombers over Nazi Germany, McGovern did not fit the stereotype of antiwar leaders in the 1960s and 1970s.

He is also known for transforming how the Democratic Party chooses its presidential nominee, and for his efforts to end world hunger.  We air an excerpt of a 2005 documentary about McGovern, "One Bright Shining Moment: The Forgotten Summer of George McGovern," narrated by Amy Goodman. Exploring McGovern's 1972 grassroots campaign for the presidency, the film features interviews with the candidate himself; supporters and activists like Gore Vidal, Gloria Steinem, Warren Beatty, Howard Zinn; and music from Bob Dylan, Robbie Robertson, Donovan and Elvis Costello."

From Democracy Now

I wrote a blog post about Senator George McGovern a couple of months ago on his birthday but he's worth more than a few blog posts, because he was a true believer in democracy. Not so much liberal democracy, which is what I believe in but more like social democracy.

What I love about Senator McGovern is that he wanted democracy to work for everyone, that all Americans should be able to contribute to it, that we should all vote and that we should all have a stake and a role in democracy and that this was exactly what the Democratic Party should be working for to bring about and that they fad to capitalize on the civil rights battles of the 1960s, that produced all of those laws and to not only be able to communicate to majorities, but minorities as well. And tell them the Democratic Party should be your home.

Even though Senator McGovern only won around 39% of the vote in 1972, he brought in so many new Democrats to the party, that Jimmy Carter was able to capitalize on in 1976. Thats Senator McGovern's legacy, what he was able to do for the Democratic Party and democracy in general, bringing in all of these new voters.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Brave New Films: This Is What Happens When Latinos Don't Vote

When Latinos don't vote, Neoconservatives who want to deport them and prevent them from coming into. The country in the first place, come into power, if Latinos vote in 2012, they won't have to worry about that.

Current TV: Joy Behar Show: Joy Behar Looks Back on Ann Romney's 'View' Visit

I'm not trying to play mindreader or something but the problem that Mitt Romney has, is that he's trying. To lead a party that he's simply not in sync with, at least on most of these divisive Social Issues, so he's decided he needs to take positions on them, that put him on the far right of. Most people in the country and he gets in trouble for it as a result.

Thom Hartmann: Mike Papantonio- The Decline of Broadcast News in America

This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Journal: Thom Hartmann: Mike Papantonio- The Decline of Broadcast News in America

If as a country, we want to have strong broadcast news divisions, then Americans have to actually watch network news. Instead of just getting all of their info from cable or online. We live in a liberal democracy, meaning people get to see what they watch. Rather than programming being forced on them.You can’t force people to do what is in their best interest and make the best decisions for themselves in a free society. Which is what a liberal democracy is, instead of what right-wingers want to portray liberal democracy just as the majority always rules. Voting only covers part of liberal democracy. What also comes with it is Freedom of Speech, including Freedom of Press. And again the news media which broadcast, as well as cable news is certainly part of, are not in the business to lose money. They can’t run up annual debts and deficits, like gee I don’t know, of yeah! Uncle Sam!

And this is coming from a hard news junkie who loves C-SPAN, and news and history documentaries. Who even watches those programs on the weekends instead of football in the fall and baseball in the summer. I also love football and baseball, but that is a different subject. Again, you can’t force people to do what is right for them in a free society. Not sure you can do that in authoritarian state either, as much as some have tried. People have a right to know what is going on in the world and what is important. But they also have a right to be vegheads and apparently violate their favorite celebrities personal privacy and know who they sleep with when their spouse or partner is out-of-town. Or what their favorite shoes are and so-forth. Or who is going to get kicked off of Tropical Island, or whatever the hell the hot tabloid show is.

You want broadcast news to be dominant player in the media again and do real hard news newscasts and for Nightline to become a real late-night newscast again, then people have to watch those shows. And to know what Congress and government in general does, actually affects them personally and economically. That politics and government, despite all the corruption in both. Even if that means not knowing what their favorite celebrity wore to the latest awards show, or what horrible thing was said about them at a party, or whose screwing who and so-forth and so on. But that only happens with education and I’m not just talking about being up to date on the latest celebrity news and technology. But actually knowing how government works and why it and current affairs in general are so important. Because we all pay for them whether we want to, or know it or not.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

CBS News: Evening News: Scotland Yard Bans Visible Tattoos

Damn Big Government getting even bigger in the United Kingdom

RTAmerica: Housing Boom is Back

RTAmerica actually reporting on good news for America, housing boom is back, well sorta and then they add a Progressive doom and gloom slant to it.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Nation: Patricia Williams: "Paul Ryan's Libertarian America"

Paul Ryan is no more Libertarian then John McCain or a politician of that mindset, he's an Economic Conservative. And thats really where his Conservatism ends, he doesn't push Social Issues for the most part and hasn't laid out clearly where he is on Foreign Policy. For someone to be a real Conservative or Libertarian, they have to believe that Americans should have the right to live their. Own lives, that government shouldn't interfere with how we live our own lives, unless we aren't hurting innocent people with what we are doing, another words believing in Freedom of Choice. As long as we aren't hurting innocent people with the choices that we make and that seems to be what Patricia Williams doesn't understand about Libertarianism, because thats not where Paul Ryan. Is ideologically, at least from what we know about him so far, the only solid thing that we know about Paul Ryan, is that he's an Economic Conservative.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Al Jazeera: Anger at Privatization of British Healthcare

See Progressives, even Socialist Britain has private healthcare, get use to it not every developed nation. In the World have Stat run Healthcare Systems, Universal Healthcare simply means Universal Access to healthcare, doesn't explain how thats accomplished.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Real News Network: "Sanctions Against Iranian Banks is Economic Warfare"

"Economic Warfare", perhaps but I would argue that its justifble, because you got a Authoritarian Theocratic Regime. That wants Nuclear Weapons and funds groups that are anti American and against our other allies and has the goal of destroying the Jewish State of Israel, Economic Sanctions slows. Down the Islamic Republic of Iran from obtaining the resources to build their Nuclear Weapons program and if this Theocratic Regime cared, about its people or at least cared more about their. People then obtaining Nuclear Weapons, they would do what they needed to do to end these Economic Sanctions, giving up all aspirations to obtain Nuclear Weapons. This is about keeping Nuclear Weapons out of the hands of people who aren't responsible enough to manage them. And its a much better policy then striking Iran from the air or invading this large country thats about the size. Of Mexico physically and has 75M people, the Islamic Republic knows how to end these sanctions and have decided not to.

TIME Explains: Obamacare's 'Health Panel'

You can see from watching this video why Right Wingers, however you would define their politics and Progressives. Don't like "Obamacare", otherwise known as the Affordable Care Act, from Right Wingers point of view, it regulates the Health Insurance Industry, with Patient Protections. From Progressives point of view, its not a Federal Government takeover of the Healthcare System, it empowers. Americans to make these choices for themselves, how they pay for their healthcare, as long as they pay for it and protections in it, so they aren't abused by Health Insurers.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

RT America: The Big Picture: Now Ireland is Nationalizing the Banks

I like the idea of debt forgiveness for people who are drowning in debt on their homes, as a result. Of the "Great Recession", debt forgiveness for people who borrowed money they couldn't afford to pay back, is a bad idea and we shouldn't be bailing out banks who gave out loans to people. Who couldn't afford to pay them back either but bailing out people who are drowning financially, because they are either out of work long term or because of the housing crisis, owe mortgages. That they now can't afford to pay back, again because of either the housing market, they are unemployed or are working for half or a third of what they use to make, before the "great Recession". Or a combination of all of these factors, makes sense, Consumer Spending right now is so weak and as a result our Economic Growth right now is so weak, because not. Enough Americans have enough money to spend to keep our economy growing strong right now and a good debt forgiveness plan, would free up money to be spent in the economy.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

RT America: The Big Picture: "Why Bhutan Did The Opposite of Privatization"

First of all about Thom Hartmann, to judge a country by how happy they are, rather then how they are. Doing, anyone can say they are happy, whether they are or not, happiness is a little hard to judge but we can judge how well people are doing, do they have a good job, are they able to pay their. Own bills, do they have a good home, where they are paying the bills, where floors aren't cracking, where they have enough heat in the winter and AC in the summer, do they have enough food to. Eat, able to raise their kids well and so fourth, these things we are able to judge, because you can see them in front of you, people can be happy living in poverty and have this positive attitude. Hey at least I'm alive, unlike my neighbor who was shot down a few weeks ago, doesn't mean that person is doing well, if they are personally skipping meals, so their kids can eat or sleep. On a hard floor, so their kids can sleep on the couch, we can judge well being fairly clearly, because we can see it in front of us, personal happiness, again people can be happy for any. Reason it doesn't mean they are doing well in life.

As far as privatization vs nationalization or whatever the State and Local version would be. When it comes to Human Services, the idea is for them to be performed by the most qualified organization. To run them, at the most affordable price, where we are all served well, not just people who can afford to have good service and sometimes that they mean the Public Sector may be more. Qualified to run things, like when it comes to Law Enforcement and sometimes it may mean the Private Sector is better qualified to run things, like when it comes it infrastructure, instead of government. Being left to build roads, probably a better idea to reward a contract to the most qualified construction company to do the work, these decisions shouldn't be based on privatization vs. Nationalization but whose more qualified to perform the services that we need as a country to be performed.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Al Jazeera: Eurozone Unlocks 650B Crisis Rescue Fund

Before Progressives should bash the American Economy for us not being Socialist enough and not being. More like Europe, they should look at Socialist Europe and the Socialist Democracies there and see how the economies that are struggling there, except for Germany, which is the only large Euro State. Thats growing at a steady rate and not facing huge debt and deficits right now, because they are producing, creating Economic and Job Growth, they probably also has the most Liberal Economic System. Of these States as well, with more Economic Freedom, America shouldn't be looking at Britain right now for our economy, or France but taking a look at Germany and focusing on. Things that we can do well, rebuilding our own country and producing and exporting more in our Manufacturing and Auto Industries, not taxing and spending more to create a larger Public Sector. We need stronger Private Sector Growth right now instead.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Al Jazeera: Muhammad Tumi Talks About Libyan politics

Generally in Europe when the Prime Minister loses a No Confidence Vote in Parliament, new elections are held. Libya might be different and have a different way of replacing the Chief Executive.

The Doors Channel: Video: Jim Morrison and The Doors Live at The Hollywood Bowl 1968

This post was originally posted at FRS Daily Journal on Blogger

I’ve seen this concert several times and I’m no music expert, but I am a pretty big fan of The Doors especially Jim Morrison and I disagree with the critics about this concert at least to this degree. I don’t believe Morrison was as off as the critics believe he was. I think he did a great job with the vocals and how he entertained the audience in general especially the women. With how he danced and moved around and played around with his leather jeans.

If you watch the PBS film from 2010 about The Lizard King there is this line in it about how Morrison picked out his clothes. That his skin-tight leather pants which were leather jeans and concho belt were about showing off and showcasing his crotch. And you see him messing around with his pants all through the concert and the camera zooming in on his crotch, butt and legs in those skin-tight jeans throughout the concert.

Not the best Doors concert and not Morrison at his best. But it was classic Lizard King on the vocals dancing around and showing himself off. And a great chance to see Jim Morrison and The Doors live and in color and I just wish there were more opportunities for that. Especially since they were big in the late 1960s when color TV and movies were very common if not expected by then. It would’ve been nice had they filmed more of their concerts in color.

Friday, October 5, 2012

LBJ Library: President LBJ State of the Union Address, 1/12/66: President Johnson at The Height of His Power

In January, 1966 President Lyndon Johnson was at the height of his power, just being elected in 1964. With an overwhelmingly landslide where he won something like forty States and 60% of the Popular Vote and an overwhelming Democratic Congress, of around 290 seats in the House, 67 in the Senate. Yes he had the Southern Caucus in Congress but he also had Progressive Republicans as well and with this Progressive Democratic/Republican Coalition, was able to pass the Civil and Voting Rights Act. In 1964 and 65, as well as his Great Society, President Johnson if anything had too much power, because he wasn't sure what to do with all of it and if anything probably felt untouchable. Without a strong Republican Opposition in Congress or around the country and I believe thats where he got trouble in Vietnam, which started in 1965, where our involvement there went. Downhill but his popularity tanked in 1966, because of the Vietnam War and Congressional Republicans, as well as potential Presidential Candidates like Richard Nixon. Who campaigned for Congressional Republicans, in 1966 were rewarded the benefits of President Johnson's unpopularity.

Russia Today: Hugo the Great? "Hugo Chavez is Punishment For The Rich & a Hope For The Poor"

Hugo Chavez is a Socialist Dictator if not a Communist, whose centralized a lot of the power in the country. With the Federal Government and media, with himself and he may be heading out of power, where real Democracy would have a chance to happen in Venezuela.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Free Speech TV: Rocky Anderson on Role of Government: The Role of Progressive Presidential Candidates

When I see Rocky Anderson the Justice Party Presidential Nominee, I'm guessing a Political Party that. Believes in Justice, call that a hunch and I'm not sure how that separates them from anyone else and I here Jill Stein the Presidential Nominee for the Green Party and of course the Progressive Party. Has a Presidential Nominee, so does the Democratic Socialist Party and there's I believe the Peace Party with yes Roseanne Barr of all people, its really hard to tell the differences between. Them on really any issue, they are al Social Liberals or at least Civil Libertarians, hopefully, at least from my perspective when it comes to Free Speech as well, not sure about that and. They are all Economic Progressives, believer in expansion when it comes to the Federal Government, at it relates to the economy, of course paid for through Tax Hikes and Defense Cuts. All anti corporate but perhaps pro Small Business and all dovish when it comes to Foreign Policy. Yet they all are running for President for different Progressive Parties, as if they are different voices. Sure they are different people but they all basically have the same message, the Federal Government is too small and not adequately serving its people and that the Feds. Have to do more for its people and so fourth.

When I see these candidates, I'm thinking instead of separating the Progressive Vote, with all the candidates. Going after the same Progressive Vote and what they end up doing is divide and lose not conquer, instead of having one Progressive going after all of the Progressives in the country. Which is what the Libertarians do when it comes to Libertarians, they have one Libertarian going after all of the Libertarians. Instead of several different Libertarian Parties and what I believe Progressives should be doing is having one Progressive competing for the entire Progressive Vote, with. One Progressive Party, whatever the Party is called, instead of Greens, Democratic Socialists, Jill Stein, Rocky Anderson and Roseanne Barr all competing for the same base, have one Progressive. From one party going after all of the Progressives and then go after Independents who are concern about the economy. Costs of healthcare, losing their job, Wall Street not being regulated and so fourth. But thats coming from someone whose not a Progressive, at least as its officially defined but a Liberal Democrat.

Current TV: Extra: The Gavin Newsom Show: Rev. Jesse Jackson Details How He Helped Free Two Americans From a Gambia

I don't believe Rev. Jesse Jackson gets the credit for being the real Leader that he is

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

CBS News: Longines Chronoscope: With US Senator Hubert H. Humphrey

Hubert Humphrey is a Progressive Democrat that I actually have a lot of support for, not that I agree. With him on all of the issues, because I don't, I believe he sorta had this Utopian idealistic view of the World, at least as it relates to the economy, with his Economic Progressivism. But he was a solid Liberal Democrat on Social Issues, at least with the issues he dealt with when in Congress and took those positions to the Vice Presidency and ran for President on. Those issues as well, Civil Rights, Equal Rights, Right to Organize, a strong anti Communist and so fourth, he was a little late in the game in coming out against the Vietnam War but he was Vice President. At that point but he could've resigned as well and just had run for President full time but he was a solid Liberal on several of these Social Issues. And if you look at the Hubert Humphrey from 1954, when this interview was done, it was the same Hubert Humphrey from 1968, when he. Ran for President, the same Hubert Humphrey, who was the Assistant Leader in the Senate, when Congress finally passed Civil Rights in 1964 and Voting Rights in 1965. His consistency was always there, the Hubert Humphrey you saw in 1948, was the Hubert Humphrey that died in 1978 ideologically. And for this he deserves a lot of credit and respect for that.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Public Resource: Longines Chronoscope- Former Progressive Presidential Candidate Henry Wallace: From 1952

Source:Public Resource- Progressive Party candidate Henry A. Wallace, on the Longines Chronoscope, in 1952. 
""LONGINES CHRONOSCOPE WITH HENRY A. WALLACE - National Archives and Records Administration 1951-12-28 - ARC Identifier 95964 / Local Identifier LW-LW-409 - TELEVISION INTERVIEW: Col. Ansel E. Talbert and William Bradford Huie talk with Wallace, former Vice President of the United States and former Secretary of Agriculture, on critical areas of concern in the world, displaced Arabs in Middle East, economic "peace" assistance, aid federal spending. DVD copied by IASL Master Scanner Katie Filbert."

From Public Resource

Henry Wallace, ran for President in 1948, when the United States essentially had four major presidential contenders: Democratic President Harry Truman, Republican Governor Tom Dewey, Dixiecrat Governor Strom Thurmond and Progressive Henry Wallace. And apparently President Truman a Democrat, even though he advocated what was called the Fair Deal, which was to build on the New Deal from the 1930s, wasn’t left-wing enough for Henry Wallace. So Wallace, ran for the Progressive Party. Henry Wallace was a Social Democrat t, or Democratic Socialist, Social Democrat and I mean small d when it comes to Democrat. Someone who believed in democracy obviously, but a certain type of democracy.

Henry Wallace, believed in democratic socialism or social democracy. Thats common in Europe and wanted to expand on the New Deal and go even further in guaranteeing health insurance and health care. To use as examples, college as well and using the Federal Government heavily, to produce an economy that was as strong and as fair as possible. Investing heavily in public infrastructure, Federal aid to Education, that sort of thing. And combined his economic socialism with social liberalism. Big believer in civil rights and equal rights for all. Way ahead of the Democratic Party in the 1940s and deserves a lot of credit for that.

I think what really separates Henry Wallace from mainstream Progressive Democrats like Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman and Hubert Humphrey, has to do with foreign policy and national security. That would be the negative side, where I don’t believe Wallace took the threat of the Soviet Union and communism around the world seriously enough and perhaps even sided with them on some things.

Wallace's positive aspect and I believe the best part of Wallace’s political legacy and what he had in common with Hubert Humphrey and where he separated from Roosevelt and Truman, had to do with civil rights and equal rights. Wallace and Humphrey, supported what became the 1964 Civil Rights Act that was finally passed by Congress and singed into law by President Lyndon Johnson. And Henry Wallace, deserves a lot of credit for that.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Al Jazeera: The US Obesity Threat: How to Cut Our Healthcare Costs, With Personal Responsibility & Preventive Care

For people who like to get on America for our high healthcare costs and for any American who does the. Same or is interested in why our healthcare costs are so high, all they have to do is look our, diabetes and obesity rates, both preventable diseases and diseases that are keeping our healthcare. Costs up as high as they are, not the only reasons but we have way to many Americans who need expensive healthcare and in a lot of cases that they can't afford to pay for it, they either don't. Have Health Insurance or their HI doesn't cover all of the costs and why is that, because how expensive it is but the good news is we don't have to have so many Americans in need for expensive. Healthcare, because they all have preventable diseases, they picked up diseases, that they could've avoided, so if we simply just took care of ourselves, quit smoking, drink less alcohol. Exercise well and often, eat a balance diet thats made up of food that we like and food thats good for us, hopefully diets that are made up of mostly food that we like and thats good for us.

The New York City model of essentially trying to force people to eat and drink better, is not necessary. And it won't work, New Yorkers will either get their junk from other jurisdictions or get their junk from people who bought it somewhere else and NYC will have a lost in Tax Revenue as a. Result, something that Progressives always depend on to fund all the government they want to. Serve the people or we'll see less New Yorkers living in NYC, moving to other cities and other States but we can bring down these healthcare costs by doing simple things that don't hurt our Individual Freedom. But puts an end to people passing their healthcare costs down on others, by establishing a simple basic, old fashion American Value, Personal Responsibility. You want to live unhealthy, I wish you wouldn't but I'm not going to put in jail for it, just hold you accountable for. Your unhealthy behavior and have you pay for your healthcare costs, the Individual Healthcare Mandate is a good step in this direction but we should taxing unhealthy behavior and subsidize healthy behavior.