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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Firing Line from 1969: "Labor Unions and American Freedom": Why Labor Unions matter

One thing I think about when I think of Labor Unions Organized Labor, is what Working Conditions would be like. For the American Workforce without them. Because with Organized Labor we have a weekends, Social Security, Medicare, Minimum Wage, Unemployment Insurance. Cobra, safe Working Conditions etc. Its sorta how I think about Lyndon Johnson a man as a democrat I have a lot of respect for. Without President Johnson, how much longer would African Americans and other Racial and Ethnic Minorities. Have to wait until their Constitutional Rights were enforced, probably at least until President Carter. Who had a large majority in both Chambers of Congress and President Carter being a big believer in Civil Rights. But did he have the Political Skills to get Civil Rights Legislation through Congress. Or would at the time Senate Leader Bob Byrd a democrat and a liberal on many other issues. But someone who was once a member of the West Virginia KKK and while in Congress as well. And who voted against the Civil Rights Laws of the 1960s, would he had blocked them in the Senate as the Leader and Minority Leader can do. Without Organized Labor in America, we would've have to create it, they serve as a check on Corporate America. And when this system works, they aren't enemy's or even opponents but partners. Sorta like in Pro Sports when Management and Labor are getting along. They work together to do what's best for the organization.

I'm not anti capitalist, corporate or profit, I'm pro all of those things, I'm a liberal not a socialist. But if you let anyone run free without any checks, thats exactly what's going to happen. And this goes for Organized Labor as well, they've had their own corruption and abuse issues they've had to deal with. Like in the Jimmy Hoffa era and since and have had paid a heavy price for it as well. With their membership being much smaller today then even twenty years ago. But just like the country needs a Federal Government, we need Organized Labor and we need American Capitalism as well. We just need them to be better and reform them to make that happen. So every time I see this Anti Labor proposals proposed, that tells me that the Far Right. Who's pushing these ideas, knows exactly what I'm talking about, that if you eliminate Organize Labor. Then their allies in Corporate America would be left unchecked and able to run free and ship their jobs oversees. That don't have the same Labor Rights that we have or they would be able to pay their American Workforce close to nothing. Without much if any benefits, because again who would stop them. And then they would be left to give their Political Allies more money.

One of the last things we should be doing with the American Economy, is eliminating Labor Rights meaning Organize Labor. Another one would be moving towards a Democratic Socialist Economy and they are about even on the list. Of what not to do and maybe I'll show you the rest of my list in a future blog. Organize Labor is as important and as relevant today as its ever been. Just not as powerful.

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