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Friday, July 15, 2011

Janeane Garofalo On The Wrongs Of The Far Right: Where to begin!

The wrongs of the Far Right, where should I start, I would've gone with where to begin but I used that as part of the title of my blog. In the interest of originality I chose something else, I hope you like it but I also hope its not your focus of this blog either. So moving on I separate the Far Right from the Right Wing, as I believe any knowledgeable Political Junky or Political Analyst would. The Far Right being the the Rush Limbaugh's, the Bachmann's a bad company from my perspective. And others the Christian Right and Neo Right, the Christian Tea Party as I call them. The authoritarian Big Government Faction of the Republican Party, what the Republican Party didn't use to be. Until they decided they need this block of voters if they were ever going to be a major player in Congress and actually win control of it. Starting in 1980 with the Senate with the Reagan Revolution and then in 1994 by winning both the House and Senate with the Gingrich Revolution. Apparently there weren't enough Classical Conservatives and Libertarians at the time 35 years ago to make this happen for the Republican Party, so they felt they needed another block of voters. And here comes the Christian Right and Neo Right, a party that used to be about Limited Government and anti Big Government. The last 20 years has become about authoritarian Big Government, telling people how to live their lives and if they do something or are something that they don't like, they automatically assume that they must have some type of disease. And being the good Christians that they are, they try to cure them like the Bachmann's and others. Or they try to send them to prison. By passing laws making what they are doing, whatever it is illegal even if they are not hurting any innocent people with their activities. I've just laid out what is wrong with the Far Right in America, they are Big Government Big Brother Uncle Sam impersonators who believe Uncle Sam knows best how everyone else should live their lives and if they do something that not part of their Moral Code. They try to make it illegal.

The Right Wing as I see it, the Barry Goldwater Classical Conservatives are exactly what is right about the Conservative Movement in America. But unfortunately with the Republican Party and America as a whole have lost power in this country. They are the opposite of the Far Right, they are truly pro Limited Government and anti Big Government and believe that people should be left alone to live their own lives. As long as they are not hurting anyone else with their freedom. The Far Right and Right Wing as I see it, two Political Factions part of the same wing of the American Political Spectrum.

Click on the link of the blog to see a video from Keith Olberman about what is wrong with the right