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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

AlterNet: Opinion- Jada Thacker- “Concept of Limited Government Is Right-Wing Bunk”: What Limited Government is All About

This piece was originally posted at FRS FreeStates Plus

Just reading a blog in the AlterNet by Jada Thacker, basically Arguing that limited government does not exist in the United States Constitution, is confusing to me, to say the least. I’m assuming that she’s implying that those two words do not exist in the Constitution or they do not exist together. And I thought it were Conservatives who were supposed to be the strict constructionists of the United States Constitution. That laws are supposed to be judged by the words itself and not what they mean, or how laws were written. Or the intent of the lawmakers. That Progressives are supposed to have a more liberal (small l) view of how to judge laws.

Whether or not the words limited government do or do not exist in the Constitution or not, the fact is limited government is in the Constitution, because government at all levels, because of the. U.S. Constitution have limited power and authority in what they can do, including the Federal Government. To give you some examples. The police or FBI even can’t simply just break into someone’s home. They need a warrant or just cause to do that. So that would be an example of limited government. Limiting what government can do. Congress can’t pass a law by statute that outlaws free speech, or any other of our Constitutional Amendments.

Congress, both the House and Senate, has to pass the exact same Constitutional Amendment in both the House and Senate and it has to be the same amendment. And both chambers of Congress have to pass this same Constitutional Amendment. With a 2/3 vote as well on the floors of Congress. But again where the Federal Government is limited here. The Feds do not have the only say in how our Constitution gets amended. Because even if Congress does pass a Constitutional Amendment, two-thirds of the states and their legislatures have to pass the same amendment for the Constitution to be changed.

Without limited government we do not have a Constitution or that great document is basically meaningless. And nothing more than a bunch of suggestions. So we have limited government, yes in our Constitution to protect the people and to protect our freedom. From the state, not to weaken government, but to protect us from big government. And prevent America from becoming some type of. authoritarian state. So our liberal democracy is not just about elections and free speech, but also having the freedom to live our own lives. And keeping government off of our backs so we can live our own lives.