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Thursday, July 19, 2012

US Representative Michele Bachmann: "Anthony Weiner's Wife, Huma Abedin, is a Secret Undercover Muslim Agent": The Nut House Has a New Escapee

US Representative gives justification of why people should have to meet certain qualifications before they can run for Congress. Either in the House or Senate, that we have to do more then just to say that people have to be American Citizens, be of a certain age and live in District or Sate that they want to represent. That they should have to pass some type of Mental Competency test, that they have to meet certain intelligence requirements, they have to be of sound mind. If we have such qualification requirements right now, Michelle Bachmann wouldn't be in the US House, she would be living in a group home. Or Mental Institution or living off of her husband Marcus, who thank God hasn't run for office himself, one Bachmann is more then the United States can afford right now in Congress. Even though comedians and satirists and bloggers, would never run out of material to use, if both Bachmann's were in Congress but still it would be too much pain even for such a great and huge country like the United States to put up with. You put both Bachmann's in Congress, our National Debt would get retired right away, our lenders would tell us. Look America you have enough problems with both Bachmann's in Congress right now, we'll leave you alone.

I would like to know where Representative Bachmann gets her material, better yet who are the escaped Mental Patients that are feeding her this material or does she visit them in the institution every weekend and get her material from them that way. Another question how the hell does a State like Minnesota, that hasn't voted Republican for President, since I believe 1964. Have a House District where someone like Michelle Bachmann can get elected to represent it. No offense to West Virginia which is a beautiful State but does Representative Bachmann represent the West Virginia of Minnesota. Where the people there are so ignorant, that they believe the President of the United States is an Illegal Immigrant and probably can't even name or spell the name of their own Governor. And the last question, how come Democrats haven't found anyone that can beat Rep. Bachmann and take her seat. Things to ponder.

Representative Bachmann is a great source for comedic material and perhaps thats why she keeps getting reelected, in 2008 and in 2010 and perhaps 2012 as well. But hopefully her latest Conspiracy Theory to go along with Same Sex Marriage being a threat to National Security. Will be the jolt that her constituents need that she's a joke and an embarrassment to Minnesota and its time for her to leave office.