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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

MSM: How to Pay for Irene: Good Question I have the Answer

I have a wild idea, instead of waiting for Natural Disasters to occur every year, which are as predictable as having to pay your taxes in April every year. Or snow in Minnesota or Heat Waves in Texas, hurricanes in the Southeast and then borrowing the money from China or Russia to pay for the Disaster Relief. Which is what we've been doing the last ten years if not longer, Hurricane Katreena of 2005 in the Gulf Coast comes to mind. Lets pay for these things up front and yes that actually means putting money down and I'm about to use an evil term in America. Tax Increases, plural because not just one but two Tax Increases even in this rotten economy and I would be fine with cutting taxes and spending somewhere else to make up the difference. All rational people know there's plenty of waste in the Federal Government to make up the difference and I'm not advocating for a Middle Class Tax Increase, at least not a plus Tax Increase. But Revenue Neutral and anyone who reads my blog, knows that I'm not a socialist. I would actually be an insult to socialists and socialism and so this is not why I'm advocating for two Tax Increases to pay for Disaster Relief. Not just for Hurricane Irene but all Natural Disasters in the future, I'm doing this because I believe in Fiscal Responsibility and I know what that term means as well. Paying for what you do and only doing what you need to do and can afford. And if you can't afford to pay for what you need, you go get the revenue somewhere else. Thats what Fiscal Responsibility is and Disaster Relief is clearly something we need. We can't as a country let our people suffer, especially for no fault of their own, that would just be immoral. Government clearly has a role but limited here in addressing the suffering and damage of disasters like this. Hurricane Irene was actually pretty mild compared with its potential, I live in Maryland in the Washington Area and all we got out of it, was some rain and wind on Saturday. And I didn't even lose power except for thirty seconds. Then it was back to warm humid and sunny which is normal for this area on Sunday.

I believe in Fiscal Responsibility so much that I don't even believe government should borrow money to pay for Disaster Relief or wars. If we get a disaster or get attacked. Of course we should respond but we should pay for it and actually put the money down up front, so its there exactly when we need it. Instead of cutting something or raising taxes later on. This is what I'm for in dealing with Disaster Relief, set up a National Emergency Management System to replace FEMA as well as whatever Disaster Insurance Programs. Flood Insurance being an example of that. This NEMS would be a cooperative between Federal, State and Local Governments as well as the Private Sector. The Federal Government would just regulate this system not manage it. The States and Local would manage it, the part of it thats in their jurisdiction. So when they get hit by a disaster, they would then have the resources at their disposal to respond to it, instead of coming to the Administration or Congress for the money. And then they would contract out to lets say Non Profit Community Services to do the work of the Disaster Cleanup that they would also regulate.

I would pay for this with like I said two Tax Increases and then like I said I would cut taxes and spending somewhere else so this is Deficit Neutral. It would probably actually save the Federal Government money in the future, because they would have one less agency that they would have to administer. These two Tax Increases would be a Property Tax on all homes and places of employment. To fund the Disaster Cleanup, that anyone who owns or rents these property's would pay into. And they would pay the tax based on how much the property is worth and much they are at risk to disaster. And then a Payroll Tax to cover Disaster Insurance that people and organizations would be able to decide for themselves. From whom they pay for their Disaster Insurance with a Non Profit Public Option thats run independent of government being in each State as well. Again that tax would be assigned based on worth and risk.

We are past the days hopefully for good that we can afford Borrow and Spend Economics, the Bush Administration left office two in a half years ago. And its been time we put that Fiscal Policy to bed and never wake it up again. We have an economy of over 14T$ and can more then afford to pay for things like Disaster Relief without borrowing the money to do it.

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