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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tea Party Caucus Moves To Make Sure Money Will NOT Be Cutoff From Military: What happened to the Real Tea Party

What happened to the old Tea Party that I wouldn't say I love as a liberal but definitely respected. That was about Limited Government, getting the Federal Government off of our backs. That was anti Big Government, anti Corporate Welfare, anti Neoconservatism. This was a movement back in 2009-10 when they came on the seen that didn't want to be associated with the Christian Right and Neoconservatives, that was even anti George Bush. That wasn't part of today's Republican Party thats dominated by the Christian Right and Neoconservatives. That sorta looked like the Grand Ole Party of 20-30 years a real Limited Government party. I gotta admit that back in the summer of 2010, when I started blogging about the Tea Party Movement, that I saw them as a faction of the Christian Right with a very conservative fiscal message. As they moved along and went out of their way to not be associated with Social Issues that moves the Christian Right. That told me they had Classical Conservatives and libertarians in it. That told me that they were a separate movement from the Christian Right, a real Classical Conservative Movement that people had the right to live their own lives, as long as they weren't hurting anyone else with their freedom. And by in large wasn't interested in Social Issues and looking to push some Anti Gay or Anti Porn ban. I'll tell you what happened with part of the Tea Party Movement, in case anyone was wondering, they got in bed with the Christian Right and combined both movements. Michelle Bachmann case in point, she's the Leader of the Christian Tea Party. This faction as I see it is different from the Tea Party or represents another movement on their own or has even replaced the Tea Party as a major Political Movement not only in the Republican Party but in American Politics as a whole. I'm sure there are still some Classical Conservatives and libertarians left in the Tea Party Movement but they are no longer in charged and won't have much of a say in who the Republican Party nominates for President in 2012.

Anyone who believes that we can get our Federal Deficit and Debt under control without making overall cuts in Defense Spending. Without making damaging cuts in Entitlement Programs and passing painful Tax Hikes on the Middle Class. As apparently these Republican Reps. believe can be done. Doesn't understand the Federal Budget and the debt and deficit issues it faces.

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