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Thursday, August 9, 2012

There's a Major Difference in the Two Party Platforms: What Should be in The Democratic Party Platform

To say that there's no difference between the Democratic and Republican Parties, would have to be people who clearly don't follow politics enough. And I'm not talking about the non Political Junky, I'm talking about people who are simply unfamiliar with American Politics and how the country works. As much as Republicans speak out against Big Government, they believe in exactly what they speak out against by calling for all of these new restrictions against our freedom. Like in areas of homosexuality, pornography, Free Speech and the War on Drugs, voting and citizenship even, I'm not saying that there aren't Democrats. Who aren't in favor of Big Government as it relates to economics and Hate Speech but they don't tend to speak out against Big Government unlike Republicans. We and I'm saying this as a Democrat are very different from the Republican Party, we would have to be to be made up of a party. Of Liberals such as myself, Progressives and Centrists and then compare us with today's Neoconservative GOP, damn I miss Barry Goldwater. And Ronald Reagan that want to take us back to the 1950s, maybe even early 1900s. When women couldn't vote, how could you not tell the differences between the two big parties in America. And yes we take money from similar sources but are politics are very different.

If I was King of the Democratic Castle and I could write any Democratic Platform that I would want to and it would stick for at least four years. It would be a Liberal Democratic in the classical sense, not Libertarian sense or today's Progressive sense. But a Liberal Platform thats built around two things, Individual Freedom and Responsibility. That any policy thats developed by Democrats should be judged on three things. One is it Constitutional, two does it protect or expand Individual Freedom and Responsibility and is it workable. Remember Liberals believe in facts and science and realism, where do we stand and what's the best thing that can be done about it. And if any policy thats developed by Democrats, it should meet these three requirements or not be taken seriously. If you are interested in policies that restrict Individual Freedom and Responsibility, economic, social or otherwise, you really don't have much business calling yourself a Democrat at least as far as I'm concern.

So here's a summary of what would be in the Democratic Platform that I would write. One end the Patriot Act and replace it with Counterterrorism Policy that protects our freedoms not subtracts from them. End Indefinite Detention, either deport these suspected terrorists or put them on trial and convict the people who are actually terrorists. End Warrantless Wiretapping and get back to the US Constitution, end the War on Drugs and get Drug Addicts into Drug Rehab instead of incarceration. Legalize and regulate marijuana like alcohol and decriminalize the other narcotics when it comes to simple possession or usage, lets get out of the business of criminalizing people for what they do to themselves. A new Workers Bill of Rights thats built around Individual Freedom and Responsibility not Big Government. That empowers workers to be able to take care of themselves the rest of their lives through retirement, rather then having to rely in government to do that for them. This concept deserves a blog by itself.

I could go even further and talk about things like prostitution and regulating it like other forms of Adult Entertainment. Rather then arresting people for making money having sex and make the oldest profession in the World as safe as it can be, because we are never going to get rid of it. But its part of this broader Liberal Vision for the country, how we should government to protect and expand Individual Freedom and Responsibility, not subtracting from it and make us more dependent on government.