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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

RT America: The Big Picture: Now Ireland is Nationalizing the Banks

I like the idea of debt forgiveness for people who are drowning in debt on their homes, as a result. Of the "Great Recession", debt forgiveness for people who borrowed money they couldn't afford to pay back, is a bad idea and we shouldn't be bailing out banks who gave out loans to people. Who couldn't afford to pay them back either but bailing out people who are drowning financially, because they are either out of work long term or because of the housing crisis, owe mortgages. That they now can't afford to pay back, again because of either the housing market, they are unemployed or are working for half or a third of what they use to make, before the "great Recession". Or a combination of all of these factors, makes sense, Consumer Spending right now is so weak and as a result our Economic Growth right now is so weak, because not. Enough Americans have enough money to spend to keep our economy growing strong right now and a good debt forgiveness plan, would free up money to be spent in the economy.

AlterNet: The Progressive Candidates’ Secret: How They May Defeat Their Opponents

The Progressive Candidates’ Secret: How They May Defeat Their Opponents Who Are Outspending Them By Millions | Alternet

I have a tip for Progressives, whether they call themselves Democratic Socialist or Progressive. Run for the Middle Class, without scaring them into believing that you want to spend most of their money from them. Or try to take their property from them, you can believe in the Welfare State, without having this belief, that its the job of government to take care of people, even protect from themselves and also believe in opportunity. As well, that its not the job of government to protect people and take care of them but protect innocent people from the harm of crooks and criminals and empower people who are down, to be able to get. Themselves on their feet and be able to take care of themselves and still be a Progressive, because you believe government can play a big positive role in bringing big positive change to people. Thats how Progressives can win Statewide and not have to run in targeted Progressive cities and House Districts.