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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mother Jones: Mitt Romney on Obama Voters & The Entitlement Society: How Government Should Treat its People

If you read my blog on a regular basis, you know I'm not a big fan of Mitt Romney and don't go out of my way. To speak up for him and for the most part I critique him, because he says a lot of strange things, that to me makes him unqualified to be President of the United States, because it goes. To his lack of Leadership skills, he seems to feel the need to have everyone he feels he needs to vote for him, have those people like him and takes positions to get their support. Rather then just telling people what he believes and why he would be a better President then President Obama. But having said all of that, he has a point when it comes to Obama Voters and the Entitlement Society, a block of Progressive/Socialists people on the far left in America, that believe. Its governments job to take care of people who are unfortunate, who can't survive on their own, people who claim not to be not religious, have these strong Christian Values, thats its the job. Of people to feed the hungry, clothe the clothless, house the homeless, cure the sick and the people who are suppose to do all of these good works, are of course the government at Tax Payers expense.

These block of voters who are a fairly diverse group of people, have this notion that its governments job. To look after and take care of people, that people for the simple fact of being born, are entitled to enough quality food, an adequate home, enough clothes, an education. Healthcare, Health Insurance, a job, pension and so fourth most of the things that most of the country has to work for to actually obtain in society and even though none of these things. Are guaranteed for anyone in the US Constitution, they believe that everyone is entitled to them, thats simply not how government works, we do have a Safety Net in America. Thats funded by people who work and pay taxes, to help provide for the less fortunate but its not in the Constitution that we have to provide these things for the less fortunate amongst us. We do these things, because we've chosen to as a country and we are compassionate, not because we have to. The Safety Net could simply be eliminated by law, through statue.

The number one and perhaps only role of government is to protect our freedom and thats freedom across. The board, until we lose it by hurting innocent people and for the people who don't have freedom, lack the skills to take care of themselves, we empower them to get those skills, so. They can have the Economic Freedom that the rest of the country has, not to take care of them and expect nothing from them for the rest of their lives. But while we are assisting them in the short term, we empower them so they can be free from Public Assistance as well.

AlterNet: "Romney-Ryan, GOP Demand President Obama Stop Strengthening Welfare To Work Mandate"

Does Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan even believe in Welfare to Work or are they just disagreeing with President Obama to be disagreeable?