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Saturday, October 22, 2011

George Warm: FBN's Freedom Watch With Andrew Napolitano- Open Letter to Occupy Wall Street

These demands from Occupy Wall Street are coming not from the Democratic Party or its leadership, the White House or Congress, but coming from the Far-Left flank of the Democratic Party and the Far-Left in the country. The democratic socialist movement in America. Democratic Socialists USA , Green Party, Ralph Nader's movement and others. People who are anti-American Capitalism, anti- free enterprise, anti-for profit, etc. And have set out their anger on Wall Street, who they feel is the center of American capitalism.

And by the way, OWS are anti-Wall Street as well and they are especially against the relationship that Wall Street has with government. On that last point alone, that's where the consensus is and where they have support all over the political spectrum. And if they just concentrate on that, they'll win support. But when they get into laying out their alternative agenda, The Socialist Alternative as I call it, "free health care, free health insurance free higher education", debt forgiveness, 20$ minimum wage, minimum income for all, that's where they lose support. Because they only represent around 10-15% of the country ideologically. That's why the Democratic Leadership has been reluctant to get involved with OWS. Because they can't afford to be seen supporting Socialists or be anti-business. And besides they now take more money from Wall Street than the GOP.

When OWS is just about being against the relationship that government has with Wall Street and reforming Wall Street, but not trying to end it or nationalize it, but limiting the influence that Wall Street has on government especially the Federal Government and getting behind real campaign reform, then OWS has broad support even with Independents. Because people all across the political spectrum believe that Wall Street has way too much influence over our public officials in both parties. And support real campaign reform that has full-disclosure in it so the voters know exactly where our public officials get their money from. And which public officials are bought and corrupt and which public officials are honest and in public service to serve the people they represent. Including the people that voted for them.

And if OWS concentrates on that, then not only will Socialists be behind this movement, but Liberals, Libertarians, Independents and even Classical Conservatives will behind this movement as well. Because neither Wall Street or the Federal Government are very popular with the country right now. But when the Socialists in OWS instead concentrates on their agenda and free this and that and going back to the 1950s tax rates with the lowest starting at 25% going up to 90% and everything else their support plummets. Because America just isn't there as a country politically. So if they concentrate on where there's a consensus, that's where they can be very effective. And can have a major impact on the 2012 general elections.