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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Thom Hartmann Show: Tom Pauken: Time For a VAT Tax in the US?

You want real tax reform and the wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes and not escape paying taxes through loopholes. And so fourth or moving money they made in America out of the country, then we need a what's called a VAT short for Value Added Tax. Or as I prefer to call it a Progressive Consumption Tax, because the way I would structure it would be. To have different rates depending on costs and much people need certain purchases to survive and live well. The wealthy or anyone else, including foreign corporations and executives would no longer be able to. Escape paying taxes, this is something we should do for the health of our long term debt and deficit picture but also to make our. Economy more competitive in the future so American companies are paying the same amount of taxes percentage wise. As their foreign competitors who do business in America, its not something we should do with the fiscal cliff in the short future but. Something we should do long term as part of comprehensive tax reform.

I'm not looking to increase taxes on the middle class or anyone else now or in the future so I wouldn't. Pass a Progressive Consumption Tax to go along with the Income Tax but I would do is scrap the Income Tax. With a lot of its loopholes, especially as they relate to corporate welfare and then replace the Income Tax with a PCT. And have different rates on it based on how much people are spending and the products they are buying.

AlterNet: Bill Fletcher JR & Karl Davidson: "How the Left Can Become a True Political Force To Be Reckoned With"

How the Left Can Become a True Political Force to Be Reckoned With | Alternet

How the Left can become a true political force to be reckoned with, well as a Liberal Democrat who voted and. Watched the elections last week and whose part of that coalition who voted for President Obama, people born. In the 1960s, 70s and 80s, 1970s for me and thats how far I'll go with that, we are already a political force in American politics. And after taking a vacation or being out of power in the early 2000s, we've been a political force in American politics since 2006. When Democrats won back Congress for the first time since 1992 and I saw all of those Leftist voters, people who believe in. Same sex marriage and the right privacy and free speech and who are in favor of legalizing marijuana and. Even gambling, we are already a force and have been for a long time, the entire Left really and as I try to tell some of my. Followers the Left is about as diverse as the Right, its not just one ideological block and we don't agree on everything. And at times make the Democratic party look like multiple parties and personalities, that just share one home but we all came together last week for President Obama. Senate Democrats and some House Democrats, the ones who were reelected and the handful that were elected.

Like I said the Left is a broad coalition of Leftists, from Center Left, where I am on economically and fiscal issues. I would say Hard Left where people care are clearly Liberal on economic, social and foreign policy and then there is. I apologize if this offends anyone but the Far Left, people who are more Socialist in their economic and foreign policy outlook and perhaps even on some social issues. And would limit how far they would go when it comes to free speech and would like to see hate speech. Outlawed to use as an example and then there are people who would describe themselves as Socialist Liberals or Socialist Libertarians. Liberal on social issues, more Socialist on economic and foreign policy, so Leftists makeup a large and diverse voting block in America.

Liberal Leftists such as myself where I would be on the political spectrum and Liberal across the board. Are already a force in the Democratic party and in American politics, President Obama a perfect example. For that as much as he might of disappointed and pissed off the Progressive Social Democrats in the party and how weak the economy is right now. Managed to get through the election without a primary challenge from the Social Democrats, the closest he got to that is Jill Stein from the. Socialist Green party, who didn't even manage to get 1% of the vote and why is that, because Liberal Democrats. Run the DP and manage and control most if not all of the money in the DP but also on the Left as well. Thats just a fact that Social Democrats need to understand.

So Leftists as far as Liberal Democrats are already a force in American politics and have been for a long time. We now out raise Conservatives and other Rightists in the country because we can get people behind our message of tolerance, inclusion an individual freedom. Without scaring the hell out of people making them think we are going to tax and regulate them out of business. And for Social Democrats to be a stronger force in America, they are going to need a message that doesn't scare people.